AEGIS: Catalyst Grove (Book 1 of the Children’s Urban

AEGIS: Catalyst Grove (Book 1 of the Children\'s Urban
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: AEGIS: Catalyst Grove (Book 1 of the Children’s Urban Fantasy Action Series) (AEGIS Series)
The sequel to Catalyst Grove is launching May 16th, and the author will be celebrating with bonuses! Go to for more details. You won’t want to miss it!Be Careful What You Wish For.It May Just Be Given To You.For many nights in Greenwood Orphanage, visions of his loving parents flood the dreams of 15-year-old Graham. But the dreams quickly dissolve into haunting nightmares. Just when Graham thinks he will escape the darkness of his mind, he wakes up to find his possessions hovering in the air all around him before they crash to the floor. Graham thinks he’s a danger to his friends, and in an effort to control his unexplainable power and protect those around him, he goes in search of the one man who may hold the answers. That is until he finds himself captured by Aegis, bound, with his head shrouded in a black hood. Nightmares seem the least of his worries now. 
What is this group called Aegis? Why do they have similar supernatural powers? And what do they want with him? With Graham’s power becoming more unpredictable with each turn of events, he questions whether knowing the truth is worth risking everything—even his own life. The AEGIS Series is a Children’s Urban Fantasy Saga following Graham’s journey to discover his true nature. Any fan of the underdog story or a coming of age tale where the odds are stacked up against the unlikely hero will want to pick up a copy of the AEGIS Series.Interview with the AuthorQ – What makes the AEGIS Series so special?I am a huge fan of epic adventures. I loved The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord Of The Rings and was always acting out fight scenes in my head as a child. I thrive on the stories of the classic clash of good vs. evil. I also appreciate clean stories that don’t rely on rash language and questionable intimate scenes. Great stories don’t need those. A solid plot, relatable characters, hard decisions, strong moral fiber, and nail-biting action carry a series to greatness. We all want themes that stick with us long after we are finished reading; ones that make us think deep. Yea, that is what sets this apart… and, of course, I have developed the story keep you turning the pages in anticipation. You may hate me for making you stay up all night to finish!Q – What books are in the series?Another unique aspect to the AEGIS series are the Character Stories. These are novelettes based on each main character in the series to give you a glimpse in the extraordinary circumstances that shaped them into who they are today. These novelettes can be read in any order, but I would suggest reading Catalyst Grove first before diving in.Here is what is out so far:NOVEL SERIES- AEGIS: Catalyst Grove- AEGIS: The Rift +3 moreCHARACTER NOVELETTES- Recollection: Graham Dawson- Mission Alpha: Eric Branson +18 moreQ – So, why should readers give these books a try?Well, if you like awesomeness, then you will likely enjoy the series. Ok, I’m kidding (but really). Instead of giving you a long and drawn out description of the series, why don’t I just outline some of the main features of the book and see if they resonate.Readers will likely enjoy the book if they enjoy:- Adventurous storylines- Epic battles- Clean reading- Strong & relatable characters- An urge to wage war against the forces of darkness- Deep & meaningful moral undertones- Mystery- Special Powers (superhero / super powers you ask? I guess you will have to read and see 🙂 )- Plot twistsLast but not least, below are the categories you will find the series under:Aegis Series eBook Categories:- Children’s Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Books- Children’s Superhero Action & Adventure- Children’s Survival Stories eBooks- Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy eBooksEnjoy!

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AEGIS: Catalyst Grove (Book 1 of the Children's Urban

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