Children’s Book: Kyle’s Smile: A Pay It Forward Children’s

Children\'s Book: Kyle\'s Smile: A Pay It Forward Children\'s
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Children’s Book: Kyle’s Smile: A Pay It Forward Children’s Picture Book (Random Acts of Kindness for Kids 1)
Raise a smiling, caring, and kind child who truly cares for the people around him. Being kind and attentive to others is your child’s passport to a lifetime of mental health and success. This compelling story highlights the true power of kindness and how a simple smile can bring positivity and happiness to an entire town. This book emphasizes the importance of looking at the bright side of any experience and highlights the positive outcomes it can bring. This inspiring tale tells the story of a young boy named Kyle who one day, out on a walk with his mother, offers his beaming smile to a sad stranger who immediately smiles back. Later that day, the same stranger makes the mighty decision to pay it forward to his former teacher which causes a domino effect of positivity from there. Follow Kyle on his adventure to spread positivity and happiness with a single smile and see how it brings joy to those around him. Will this circle of good deeds continue forever? How many people will be affected by Kyle’s smile? Will Kyle’s smile once again start a new circle? Will the circle of good deeds come back to find him? Can Kyle’s smile make the world a better place? This book will help your children see the endless power that they hold in their very own hands – while being attentive to their environment. This book will encourage your children to offer their smile or some other small, but very significant gesture, to the people around them – especially in their time of need. This book also demonstrates what comes around, does in fact, goes around in very unique and unpredictable ways, as the saying goes: “Smile to the world and the world will smile back to you”. Research shows that people who often smile will also benefit from better health and increased longevity while also achieving more in life. The lesson of this book is best expressed in this inspirational quote by Leo Buscaglia. “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Kyle’s Smile is a charming and compelling story to read before bedtime, with the whole family, or as self-reading for older children. So if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours! *** This children’s book features Kindle Text Pop-Up for reading text over vivid, full-color images(double tap on the text).Scroll up and grab your copy of Kyle’s Smile today!

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Children's Book: Kyle's Smile: A Pay It Forward Children's

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