Dig Two Graves

Dig Two Graves
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Dig Two Graves
How far will you go for the truth…?

Private investigator Al Hershey gets more than he bargained for when fellow Vietnam veteran Greg Baum, now a big player in the world of aeronautics, calls in a favour.

He asks him to check out a prospective business partner, an enigmatic Asian property tycoon now enjoying life in America.

It turns out there’s considerably more than meets the eye to Donald Quang, a man set to unveil the new HQ of the Vietnamese-American Friendship Association, alongside President Ronald Reagan.

But it turns out that Hershey isn’t the only one the Asian tycoon’s tail.

British SAS soldier and trained killer, Jack Mitchell, also has a keen interest in Quang.

Whilst serving alongside the Australian forces in Vietnam, Mitchell witnessed the brutal murder of his fellow comrades and he’s on a mission for revenge.

Hershey needs to watch his back – Mitchell is a ruthless killing machine, an SAS sniper, and top of the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

But where do Mitchell and Quang fit in to the maze of businessmen, academics, politicians, double agents and even triple agents, as the battle for power between the communists and the free world continues to be played out.

And why is Mitchell hell bent on revenge so long after the events?

Can a man ever be trusted whilst consumed by unquenchable anger?

And can Hershey finally untangle the complicated web of secrets and deceit stretching from Asia through Russia and on to the west coast of America?

In this absorbing and masterly thriller, Edwin Alexander blends historical fact with fiction and chronicles the human cost of ideological conflicts and the dark and treacherous side of every human personality.

Praise for Edwin Alexander

“A fast-paced thriller. ” – Ace and Hoser

Edwin Alexander lives mainly in Crete where he spends his time writing. He is the author of Theft of the Master – another Hershey novel – which was well received by reviewers.

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Dig Two Graves

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