Fear Factory: Horror Stories

Fear Factory: Horror Stories
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Warning: Contains Strong Violence, Sexual Content, and Language.Eight disturbing, dark, and creepy stories by author John Raptor. 1. Revenge of Cannibals!Mike and Cassie are fast food mascots who discover they have more in common than just sharing the lowest rung in the fast food industry—they’re both cannibals. Sick of being abused and disrespected, the cannibals compile a list of their enemies to kill and eat. Mike is out for simple revenge, but discovers Cassie may be even more sadistic than he.2. Dark SideJean wakes up in a world he does not recognize, on the run with three others from something called the Mafushcuhi: mutants who survived a nuclear holocaust. No one remembers who they used to be. Their brains have been pumped full of drugs, memories, personalities. Within one of them is the key to the universe that will allow the Mafushcuhi to open a portal in space and time, and stop the holocaust from ever happening. But doing so could disrupt the space-time continuum and destroy everything. Jean questions whether he can really trust his companions—after all, he has no memories of them. Are they being truthful, or do they have another agenda?3. TrainwreckElsa wants to die. But after she’s involved in a fatal train accident that kills all the passengers except for her, she starts to wonder if she’s immortal: the worst possible fate for a suicidal girl. When she makes some friends at Hell High, she no longer thirsts for death…but will this make her more susceptible? 4. The Nightmare ProjectJack and Julie constantly have nightmares with one thing in common: a man in a long black trench coat, his face hidden beneath a rain hat. In a private lab, doctors monitor Jack and Julie’s nightmares through something called the Dream Feed. Most the doctors believe the shared dreams can be explained by Carl Jung’s collective unconscious, but one crackpot believes that the Dark Man is actually a demon. Jack and Julie discover the truth when they decide to confront the Dark Man in a shared nightmare. 5. ForwardIn the small town of McClusky, North Dakota, a girl is stabbed to death after receiving a disturbing email. Her two best friends, Elsa and Eric, are terrified when they too receive the email: a picture of a dead woman on a stretch of highway, her ears torn off, her eyes yellow and bulging from deteriorating skin. Her face grey. Her hair white, stringy, and falling out in clumps. Her skull partially flattened (you can see tire marks), spewing brains and red mush. The comic sans text below the picture reads: i waz killed n a car acident cuz u were a rekless driver. i hav no ears 2 hear. no brains 2 think. ive ben lyin hear 4 far 2 long. if u dun tell 10 of ur friends abowt my horible death, i will appear @ ur bedside @ 10 pm and stab u with a nife. this is not a joke! 6. TommyGeorge Perkin’s cat is possessed by Satan—which is rather unfortunate. With the help of three living-breathing clichés (religious fanatic, dumb blonde, and rapping black guy), Perkins must stab the cat through the heart with a dagger dipped in Evian water. Unfortunately, a possessed cat may be the least of their problems. 7. Flagg HillGage Creed is excited to attend a Christian summer camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where he is going to meet (for the first time) the love of his life. However, none of the campers or counselors are aware that the new camp pastor is a demented psychopath who believes sexual purity can only be obtained through bloodshed. Girls vs Boys—they must play the most dangerous game of all. 8. After HoursA college kid with no aspirations works the late night shift at Helga’s Diner in downtown Fargo. The shift is long and boring. His only form of amusement is watching porn on his phone and talking to the random night owls who wander in. But this night will be anything but boring—when three drunk guys stumble in and commit an unspeakable act.

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Fear Factory: Horror Stories

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