Free: Free Trader, Cygnus, People Raged: Craig Martelle Starter

Free Trader, Cygnus,  People Raged: Craig Martelle Starter
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Free Trader, Cygnus, & People Raged: Craig Martelle Starter Library
Snarky Hillcats and the Cygnus Marines on harrowing missions …what could go wrong? A terrorist hiding in plain sight in DC… can Rick Banik find him in time? Three full-length novels in one package – get introduced to the many novels and series of Craig Martelle. The Free Trader of Warren Deep The Free Trader Reviews say it all. “Well written story with fun characters. The book grabs your attention at the first page and does not let up.” “I really like this story. Character development is great considering that some of the characters are not human. Looking forward to the next in the series.” “I am completely enjoying the Series, I have just started on “Battle for the Amazon ( Free Trader 4)”. I am finding the series less dark than Andre Norton books ” “I LOVE THESE STORIES. I stay alive just for them. ( I have a lung disease ).” (Wow! As the author, I don’t know what to say to this besides wow and thank you! Sometimes a book does so much more than just entertain.) A Cat and his human minions fight to bring peace to humanity. For readers from 13 to 65, a space adventure that keeps you wondering what’s next. Compared to Andre Norton and Larry Niven, the Free Trader series takes you to a colonized world across the galaxy where human colonists struggle to survive. After a devastating civil war, humanity and its creations rise again. The Free Trader finds himself at a crossroads – can he and his Cat prevent a repeat of past mistakes as they rebuild civilization? In the spirit of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern, Martelle builds a world where humans and intelligent animals interact in an ongoing fight against the enemies of civilization. Cygnus Rising From space they came to space they returned. Humanity would not be denied. Reviewers had this to say: “Old-fashioned space opera. Good guys, bad guys and only a bit of romance to add to the characters.” “This is a great “start point” for people who do not read the original books. Taken from the start of your MC coming into Boot Camp and flowing through all the fun and team-building games played there. This will help others to see the characters in their strengths and weaknesses as individuals. I enjoyed that the other characters had a chance to shine too.” “Readability… very smooth with good transitions from scene to scene. Build-up was gradual and the philosophy of the parent planet’s drive to explore seemed very natural. Failures were also points of learning for the society and the blending of the different cross-species into a cohesive group seemed a natural progression of development.” The people of the Cygnus system were determined to find other life, maybe even return to earth. Human-created intelligent species, who evolved and became equals, partners in the journey to a better place, they were all the people of Cygnus VII. From the ashes of their past, Cygnus was rising. Cygnus Rising is the first book in a Space Opera series based within the Free Trader universe. People Raged and the Sky Was on Fire Rick Banik is a new patriot for a new age. He leads a Joint Intelligence Tiger Team in pursuit of a terrorist plotting an attack on Washington DC. Da’esh’s agent stays one step ahead by hiding in plain sight, always there, but never being seen. If you like Jack Ryan in Hunt for Red October, you’ll love Rick Banik! He clears the decks of the Intelligence Community to save it from itself, while integrating players from multiple agencies to build an integrated intelligence and operations plan. But will he fight through egos and bureaucracy in time to stop the attack?

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Free: Free Trader, Cygnus, People Raged: Craig Martelle Starter

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