FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List Aug 21

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

Type Nine Keyboard – Swipe & Tap with T9 (iPhone/iPad)
Type Nine Keyboard – The ultimate typing experience

Please note: Type Nine currently supports 34 languages listed at the bottom. Make sure your language is supported…

Fitness Plus Pro – Workout Exercises (iPhone/iPad)
Do you have a fat body? Do you want to shape your body and burn fat? Do you want to lose weight quickly, but keep the elasticity of your skin? Do you dream of a…
Diabetes Glucose Tracker App – iDiabetes™ (iPhone/iPad)
iDiabetes™ App (Blood Glucose Tracker) is an iPhone/iPod/iPad App for Diabetes Management to keep track of your blood sugar levels. It helps you monitor and keep…
Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (iPhone/iPad)
**2016 Parents’ Choice – Gold Award**

“The app is a charming and effective way to teach a wide variety of vocabulary words, explore professions, and daily routines…

Tadaa SLR (iPhone/iPad)
Now you can shoot SLR quality photos wherever you are!

1. Shoot
2. Focus
3. Tadaa!

Tadaa SLR brings you THE BEST depth-of-field and bokeh on the App Store….

Speed PRO+ (iPhone/iPad)
Speed PRO+ is a Universal GPS-based speedometer with Saved Routes and many other features.

** “Essential Apps: Speed Pro is a great, feature-loaded app.” ~AppAdvice…

Speedometer HD PRO (GPS Speed Tracker) (iPhone/iPad)
Displays current speed on a digital/analog speedometer, keeps track of your top speed and average speed. Speedometer also allows you to easily switch between units…
i2Reader (iPhone/iPad)
i2Reader is an innovative and award-winning eBook reader!

Among the features:

– Support of EPUB (DRM-free), PDF, RTF, HTML, FB2, MOBI, DOC and plain text formats;

Monogram Plus (iPhone/iPad)
Monogram Plus allows you to customize your watch face with personal complications. Edit six different types of complications using emojis, your name, your initials…
Stopwatch+: Accurate Mechanical Analog Timepiece (iPhone/iPad)
Stopwatch Plus is the most professional and beautiful mechanical stopwatch in the App Store. Do not miss a perfect companion for sports and other activities!


Solve – A colorful graphing calculator (iPhone/iPad)
Solve is a calculator like no other! Solve solves expressions as you type and features an innovative memory system to store and recall answers. Simply touch the…
Cellular Signal Booster – 4G network tower locator (iPhone/iPad)
Use this amazing app to easily pinpoint and identify all the carrier towers around you. Often these are in plain sight but other times, they’re disguised as trees…
Wyoming Traveler (iPhone/iPad)
Wyoming Traveler shows you the current conditions of major roads and highways throughout Wyoming. You can view traffic cameras, read alerts about road closures…
PepDash – Celebrity Guessing (iPhone/iPad)
Party? PepDash! Play the super-fun celebrity guessing game for groups or parties. Each round, one person gives clues to their team to guess the most celebrities…
Skin Creator & Painter Studio 3D for Minecraft PC (iPhone/iPad)
Create and modify your skins for Minecraft (PC/Mac version) in FULL 3D!!! With Skin Creator 3D for Minecraft, you modify your skin directly on the 3D image allowing…
Wallpapers & Pictures for Minecraft (iPhone/iPad)
●●● Best Minecraft Wallpaper & Background app in the app store ●●●

Are you looking for amazing Minecraft Wallpapers & Backgrounds to spicy up your device?


Countdown by (iPhone/iPad)
Create fun and accurate countdowns to any event, or count up from any past event. Enter the date and location for your event and the Countdown App will take care…
Trip Splitter Lite – Track shared expenses. (iPhone/iPad)
Breezily split expenses with a travel companion. In 10 seconds.

It takes mere seconds to create a new trip and add yourself and a traveling companion. When you…

Informant – Agenda, Tasks, Notes Planner (iPhone/iPad)
Informant is a professional day planner integrating calendaring and powerful task management, along with rich notes and contacts. Our users are passionate and rightfully…
Ocean Sounds – sounds for sleeping (iPhone/iPad)
Natural Ocean sounds collected from most beautiful places in the world.
All sounds recorded with high quality stereo condenser microphones and preamps. (besides…
Resumes by Nobody – Resume Builder, 25 Templates (iPad)
Resumes by Nobody allows you to write your resume without the need to format or design it. It enables you to focus on what matters most: the content.


Symbolic Calculator HD (iPad)
With full-featured algebra capabilites on par with high-end scientific calculators this applications lets you perform all kind of different operations from the simplest…
Grammar Wonderland (Primary) (iPad)
Fly, swim, feed, and toss your way to grammar mastery. Who knew grammar practice could be so much fun?

Lead your character through many wonderful adventures as…

Word Wonderland (Primary) Full (iPad)
Sort out the right path to guide this friendly frog through the pond.
Hop, eat, and shake your way to word sorting mastery. Who knew word sorting could be so much…

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