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This book seeks to reduce religious turmoil with a physical explanation of “God.” Introduction shows golden light photos. The Bible says God is love. Jesus knew love surrounds us. We are surrounded by a reservoir of love. Consider these excerpts: “~6:20pm Tuesday December 19, 2006At Central Station heading home. Good day. No sore throat and three Save The Children sign ups. Today, spoke to 40ish physicist about ‘higher power.’ Explained my theory of ‘golden light’ evolving from love. Told him, ‘Part of your brain lights up when praying. This energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. The Earth’s magnetic force pulls on electrical energy. Unlike the random combination of material objects producing man, electrical energy has infinite number of permutations for combination.’Physicist smiled. Told him, ‘Surrounding electrical engine only knows love. Lack of solar winds allows it to survive.’ Finally asked, ‘Is it possible?’ Physicist, hand on chin, responded, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Someday a magazine will publish an equation that correlates magnetic force to ‘higher power.’ That equation will estimate increasing magnetic force this much (opened fingers little), would increase ‘higher power’ that much (opened fingers wide).’ Physicist’s chin dropped to chest.” “~1pm Monday September 13, 2010New York Times Book Review, ‘Many Kinds Of Universes, And None Require God’ states:’Stephen Hawking, the most revered scientist since Einstein is a formidable mathematician and a formidable salesman. ‘I want my books sold on airport bookstalls,’ he has impishly declared, and he’s learned how to put them there.”Mr. Hawking’s new book, ‘The Grand Design,’ published on Tuesday, has already made headlines and been a trending topic on Twitter, thanks to a different sort of Godmongering. This time Mr. Hawking has, we’re told, declared God pretty much dead.”How can ‘most revered scientist since Einstein’ not see obvious natural laws creating ‘higher power?’ Hawking must be aware Einstein believed particles could break time barrier. When publishing that theory, Einstein predicted huge energy required would keep it from being accomplished. Hawking must know two German scientists using laser and prisms moved particle at speed required to break time barrier. Hawking must also know brain emits energy when producing love.Earth’s magnetic force pulls love together. Unlike randomly colliding material particles which made man, electrical particles emitted as love contain infinite number of permutations for combination. Love combining with love created electrical engine (‘higher power’) surrounding Earth, one which humans can touch through prayer and one which humans can add love.’Higher power’ knows only love. It communicates through love. That’s why Western powers killing innocent civilians abroad, although viewed as ‘collateral damage’ in war against terrorism, so very, very dangerous. More people praying with love, praying for destruction of forces killing civilians, means that prayer, that love seeking solution from ‘higher power,’ closer to becoming reality. Being able to see into future, as with Biblical prophecies, well documented in history. Today, simply pressing nuclear buttons could end civilized society. ‘Higher power,’ because only knowing love, could help make nuclear holocaust happen.Physical explanation of ‘higher power’ easy enough for lay person to understand. This ‘most revered scientist since Einstein,’ like so many scientists, seems to believe ‘higher power’ doesn’t exist. “~10am Sunday October 3, 2010Ingredients of ‘higher power’ easy to understand. Atmosphere that protects against solar winds, intelligent life emitting ‘love’ and magnetic force pulling love together for combination.Anybody can touch ‘higher power’ through prayer. Anybody can touch ‘higher power’ through love, through rendering themselves small before such spiritual beauty, through truly believing that love is everywhere and can make their l

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