Golden Stair (Blood Prince Series Book 3)

Golden Stair (Blood Prince Series Book 3)
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Golden Stair (Blood Prince Series Book 3)
USA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIES – Demon Paranormal Romance, Book 3 A devil-may-care incubus with a ravenous appetite . . .  Adonis is a demon prince determined to bury his desire for love in the pleasures of the flesh. Bound by a vow to maintain his physical form, he requires a great deal of energy just to live, energy he can only absorb through the carnal arts…more energy than any one woman could ever provide. Adonis knows he could never offer a woman the fidelity she would deserve as his wife, and so carries on with his wild ways, his cryptic smile hidden behind a puff of smoke. No woman can reach beyond the heat of his embrace to touch his heart. Not even the golden-haired maid whose lonely eyes keep wooing him back to her side.  A damsel in distress with the power to destroy him . . .  Ivy has lived in a tower, locked away from the rest of the world, for her entire life. Her mother, a witch who leads the resistance against the bloodthirsty kings of the five kingdoms, is her only company. Ivy knows that her battle-weary mother relies on the golden power flowing through her veins for the energy to continue the good fight, but she can’t completely smother the selfish yearning to see the world beyond the safety of their hidden valley…especially when her wildest fantasy almost literally falls into her lap. Despite their best intentions, they’re drawn together like phoenixes to flame–and if they’re not careful, they’ll both burn.  Will the demon finally find true love? Or will the witch succeed in keeping his would-be princess out of reach–permanently?  Scroll up and click the buy button now to find out!  + Cliffhanger-free + HEA BLOOD PRINCE SERIES READING ORDER: Book 1 – Before Midnight (Blood Prince Series #1) Book 2 – One Bite (Blood Prince Series #2) Book 3 – Golden Stair (Blood Prince Series #3) Book 4 – Divine Scales (Blood Prince Series #4) Book 5 – Beautiful Salvation (Blood Prince Series #5) Final Installment!BLOOD PRINCE WORLD What Big Teeth You HaveDead to Begin WithThe Pirate’s WitchBLOOD REALM SERIES READING ORDER (SPIN-OFF FROM BLOOD PRINCE SERIES): Book 1 – All for a Rose (Blood Realm Series: Book 1) Book 2 – Blue Voodoo (Blood Realm Series: Book 2) Book 3 – The Archer (Blood Realm Series: Book 3)

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Golden Stair (Blood Prince Series Book 3)

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