Hill of the Caves

Hill of the Caves
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Hill of the Caves
Dellie thought her life was on track.

She had a good, steady job and was engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Kevin.

But then Kevin breaks off their engagement and Dellie realises that she had been coasting through life.

It is time for her to take matters into her own hands and make a drastic change.

So when her younger sister, Annabelle, begs her to take over as assistant to their uncle in Tunisia, Dellie takes a deep breath and books a ticket.

Her uncle, Dr Nicholas Penrose was in the middle of an important archaeological dig in Tunis to uncover a Phoenician burial site when he had to have an operation to remove cataracts from his eyes.

Without an assistant to record his findings, he would never be able to complete the excavation and publish his ground-breaking book on the customs of the ancient society.

Annabelle left in a hurry and in suspicious circumstances, and when Dellie questions her she refuses to give a reason for coming home.

But Dellie knows she needs a new start and before she knows it she is helping out at Ghar Jebel – the Hill of the Caves.

When she arrives she meets constructions engineer Con McDonnell, who is not so patiently waiting for the dig to finish so he can carry out his plans.

Although he is in conflict with her uncle – wanting to push things into the future rather than delve back into the past – Dellie can’t help but be attracted to him.

As she gets more involved in the excavation questions start to arise.

Are artefacts going missing from the site? Who could be taking them?

And what had been the true reason for Annabel’s abrupt departure?

It is only with the discovery of a priceless relic of the past that Cordelia finds the key to the mystery — and her own future.

Jennifer Hyde is pseudonym of the crime-writer, Marjorie Eccles. She lives in the Midlands. Under Jennifer Hyde she is also the author of ‘A Handful of Shadows’. Under Marjorie Eccles she is the author of the Inspector Gil Mayo crime series, which includes ‘A Death of Distinction’, ‘More Deaths Than One’, ‘A Species of Revenge’, ‘An Accidental Shroud’ and ‘Killing Me Softly’.

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Hill of the Caves

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