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Lawless Range
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Lawless Range
There’s trouble on the range…Chet Crane is on his way to the town of Ash Tree in Wells County, where his old pal, Al Shadde has settled down as town marshal.The two were once sidekicks but while Chet has continued on his lonesome path as a gun-for-hire, Al became a married and well-respected community man.But close to Ash Tree, Chet can feel a gun on him. After many years as a gunslinger, Crane has a fair few enemies. Could it be an ambush?When Chet finally picks out the ‘bush-wacker’ lying in waiting, the man in question is dead.In fact, he’s been dead for a while and going by his young face, he was barely a man.Before he can even ride off to let Al know, he’s shot at from behind. To add to his list of surprises, his attacker this time is a young woman.He learns that her name is Jane Arrell and the murdered boy was her brother, Thad. Both of them are the children of the A Bar Ranch owner.It seems that Jane not only mistook Chet to be her brother’s murderer but also a member of the Bar B Ranch – a gunnie hired by Buck Bannerman.According to Jane, Bannerman has been gobbling up smaller ranches in the range and now he’s set his sights on the bigger ones.There’s been a spate of cattle rustling, and even some gunplay to try and scare them off. But as the A Bar has no proof of Bannerman’s hustling and with the range outside of Al’s jurisdiction, there’s nothing to be done.Chet maybe a gun-for-hire but he’s got principles, and the whole business sounds beyond crooked to him.The bullet wound through his shoulder needs tending to and the fever to pass, but after that, he’s lending his gun to the Arrells.If he uses all his skills then not only will he track down those good for nothing rustlers, he may even find the proof that the Arells need.Maybe then Sheriff Bradley can finally bring the law to this Lawless Range…A gripping and suspenseful Western, Lawless Range is a must-read for fans of Zane Grey.Praise for Hank Madison‘A classic of the genre.’- Tom Kasey, bestselling author of Trade Off. Hank Madison is a prolific writer of over 500 novels in a wide range of genres, from classic westerns, to historical thrillers. He wrote under many pseudonyms throughout his career.

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Lawless Range - Free eBook!

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