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Lewis Security
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Lewis Security
Free with Kindle Unlimited…5 Books. No Cliffhangers. More than 1,000 pages :)SPENCERFamous actor Charlotte Banks is the star of the show, and she makes sure everyone knows it. One nasty head injury from a deranged stalker later, and she finds herself losing control altogether. Now she’s got this new hunk of a bodyguard shadowing her every move and invading her private space. She should hate him for all the flak he gives her, but there’s just something about this new guy that gets under her skin in all the right ways.BRETTThe cops have Molly San Lorenzo under custody – for her ‘protection’ as a witness to a grisly murder. She doesn’t want to be a witness, though. She just wants the whole thing to be over so she can get out of town as fast as possible. But the cops are not letting her go that easily. They think they’re doing her a favor by sticking her with one of the hottest bodyguards she has ever laid her eyes on. “For her protection,” they say. They’re wrong. DYLANVienna Worth was the name she used when she walked into that police station to turn herself in. It’s all part of her plan, you see. Let them do the hard work for her, and walk away scot-free once she got what she needed. It’s easy enough for her to disappear once she puts her mind to it. The only problem was this annoyingly sticky bodyguard they set her up with. He’s a complication that she doesn’t want to deal with, but he’s just one man. She’ll have him by the nose once she’s done with him… or will she? MARCUSLauren Jones never expected to walk in on the middle of a robbery when she returned to the bank after work that night. She never thought she’d find herself at the center of a police investigation, either. It’s absurd that they suspect her, even though there are no other leads. Girls like her never do the wrong thing…which is why the attraction she feels toward the sexy surveillance expert the cops assign the bank is such a surprise. Almost as surprising as how much she wants to act on that attraction. Sometimes, the right guy can make a good girl do bad things. PAXBeautiful, tough-as-nails Christa Michaelson is a woman in a man’s world, surrounded by sexy male security guards while she works for the irresistible Paxton Lewis – the man she’s wanted for years. Just when it seems like there’s a chance for them to have their Happily Ever After, a psychopath from the past comes back to haunt them both. He won’t stop until he tears Paxton’s world apart, even if it means tearing Christa’s apart as well. In fact, that’s the way he wants it. Is love a strong enough weapon to fight against a monster bent on revenge?

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Lewis Security - Free Download!

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