FREE: Manic Monday: (Dane Monday 1)

Manic Monday: (Dane Monday 1)
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Manic Monday: (Dane Monday 1)
Dane MondayDane Monday deals with weird stuff. Mad scientists, sorcerers, robots, time-travelling cats, cyborgs learning the concept of love, and more. Whether it’s a death ray, a doomsday ritual, or simply magic gone wrong, Dane Monday is there to stop them. He’s even got a rogue’s gallery of megalomaniacal villains who want revenge. Armed only with his wits, some reluctant allies, and a satchel full of gadgets, Dane steps forward to save the city of New Avalon.Manic MondayWhile investigating an abandoned building, Dane encounters the remnants of a magical ritual shortly before the building explodes in spectacular fashion. Narrowly escaping this destruction with his new ally, the aspiring journalist Abby Connors, Dane follows the threads of this mystery while evading a menagerie of homicidal robots, kidnapping thugs, and the wrath of a mad scientist. At the bottom of it all is a scheme to destroy New Avalon involving a century-old architect, a historic hotel, and something not of our world.Can Dane and Abby brave the dangers and the strangeness to save the city of New Avalon? Find out in Manic Monday! Burning MondayDane and Abby ride again – in a modified El Camino using experimental rocket boosters! And that’s not even the main story! After a brief stint of ghost drag racing, Dane follows a lead which brings him far below the city where he and Abby escape the jaws of death to find a strange device. Before they can find out what it is, the device is stolen by an outlaw motorcycle club who are harboring a violent secret. Meanwhile, their friend Wong’s long buried past is coming back to haunt him with an explosive vengeance. In this Dane Monday adventure there’s fire, a gigantic beast, mystical martial arts, a long buried past, and howling enemies. Chinatown is ready to burn – can Dane and Abby stop it? Find out in Burning Monday! Murder MondayThe past has come back to haunt Dane Monday! A master of murderous puppets has returned – ten years after Dane defeated him and sent him to prison. Immediately kicking his usually trusted partner Abby off the case for her own safety, Dane prepares to deal with the villain and not make the same mistake he made all those years ago. However, Abby refuses to be so easily cast aside and continues to work the case, uncovering secrets but also placing herself in harm’s way. But the puppet master is not the only past that’s returning and someone else has taken an interest in Abby’s fate – particularly her demise. Can Dane and Abby stop the villains without losing their lives? Or will this be an unhappy Halloween for Dane Monday? Find out in Murder Monday!

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FREE: Manic Monday: (Dane Monday 1)

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