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Free with Kindle Unlimited. Includes all five books: Bait, Forgotten, Memory, Recovery, and Return.No cliffhangers. Approximately 1,000 pages. BAITTen years ago, Ray Murray failed to solve the case of a vanished child, who had already been missing for a decade before he was called in. Now the bereft father has returned to Ray’s office, once again seeking out the PI’s assistance, based on a new tip recently received. Ray takes on the assignment and tracks down the lead, finding a young woman, Clarisse Buchanan, who might just be the missing girl. As Clarisse’s gentle heart and warm spirit slowly heal Ray’s own bruised soul, he falls in love. Unfortunately, at the same time, he falls down an investigative rabbit hole that leads to a sordid revelation about Clarisse’s possible past. If he tells her, he might lose his newfound danger. But if he doesn’t, her life might be in danger and he could lose her in another even more terrible, permanent way.FORGOTTENRay Murray has handled plenty of unusual cases over the years as a private investigator. But a missing person looking for herself … that’s a new one for even this seasoned PI. When Gladys applies for a job at Ray’s agency, Ray is initially skeptical both of her attitude and her motivation. But he’s desperate for help, what with now managing three simultaneous businesses, so he takes a chance both on her and on his nephew, Travis. He and Gladys pair up to search for a missing man and collide almost head-on with dangerous people who are apparently trying to find Gladys before she finds herself and discovers the secrets lurking inside her amnesiac brain. MEMORYSomewhere inside Gladys Turner’s head is a secret so dark and dangerous that it could kill everyone she loves, before she even realizes it’s happening. Travis James’ job is not only to protect the woman he is quickly falling for, but to help her figure out what her secret is before it explodes. Unfortunately, her secret will lead to the highest echelons of United States law enforcement. And when the law is against you … who can you turn to for help? RECOVERYAt long last, Jeremy Thompson has come home to his family farm. But he can’t rest. His years spent in the U.S. Army’s top secret ghost-soldier program have left him broken and restless, searching for a new anchor and purpose. He starts life over at Murray Investigative Services, taking a job with the same people who helped him escape the cruel government program he was forced into. As one of his first investigations, Jeremy is tasked with learning more about Harper Knowles, whose uncle suspects her of stealing valuable heirlooms from her family. As Jeremy begins to open his heart to Harper and her beautiful little girl, he realizes that all is definitely not as it seems in this investigation. Rather than Harper being the criminal, it’s her family that may actually be dangerous—so dangerous that the former soldier may have to see action again, in order to protect the woman who has given him a whole new outlook on life.RETURNJust as Jeremy Thompson’s relationship with Harper and her little girl begins to really develop, everything falls apart. Her insane family marches back into the picture and puts Harper in mortal danger, while Jeremy is left to take care of little Maddie, all the while frantically searching for her missing mother. Simultaneously, Travis watches his fiancée Gladys begin to fall apart at the seams, a victim of PTSD after the horrors she endured in the BRAP program. As if that wasn’t all bad enough, then a ghost from their past rears its dangerously handsome head and suddenly Gladys is in danger from more than just her own crazed thoughts.

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