On the Edge of the Loch: A Psychological Novel

On the Edge of the Loch: A Psychological Novel
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: On the Edge of the Loch: A Psychological Novel set in Ireland

This literary novel tells an inspirational story about individual spirit, survival, redemption, and the need to live free. A psychological suspense saga about four impassioned people dealing dangerously with life, love and staying sane.

Several pre-publication reviewers asked: Did a real event prompt me to write On the Edge of the Loch. The answer is yes, a chance encounter with a graceful but enigmatic woman, whose intensity infuses the entire story.

This woman is one of two main protagonists. The other is a driven man, burdened with and hardened by an equally dramatic past, now negotiating adult freedom for the first time. Both are obsessed with imagined futures.

The Plot
In Arizona, no one came to meet Irishman Tony MacNeill that day. After nine years locked up that’s how he wanted it. All he needed was a life. Not the one that had been taken from him. Not the youthful one either. But the life he might have lived, to be who he was once meant to become. At fourteen he had lost that, his boyhood, and Ireland.

Now 27, to stay alive he’d held his own through a thousand rounds of trouble. But he was shedding the weight of injustice, barely, and managing.

Then Lenny Quin appears, out of the blue. To him she’s an apparition that belongs to fantasy. Too much hopelessness and destruction had marred the years since he watched ‘home’ fade into vapour. Now, by irony, in this tiny seafaring village in western Ireland, the unlikeliest resurrection looms.

In all his darkness, a woman like Lenny Quin was undreamable; the love-inspired hope she promises forges in him an oath no one or no power will defeat.

Not that he desires trouble. But even here, in search of nothing but spirit, the warning signs were clear from their first meeting, even as their fires fused intimately. Soon, spine-chilling events erupt and force them apart. Secrets and silence fog what’s true. And old wounds and new dreams collide.

Is the past a forever prison for each of them?
Is fate too powerful a foe? Against all that divides them, and for all they together might be, Tony MacNeill will once again become unstoppable.

From Ireland to America to the underbelly of Baghdad, this psychological tale spins with surprises as it unveils the extremes indomitable people will go to, and the frailty and resilience of the human heart.

Note to Reader
Some books are difficult to place in a genre. Apart from ‘a love story’ (relationships are central to this story) some critics describe this as a ‘redemption thriller’ or ‘psychological suspense’. High drama certainly has its place but, more simply, this a serious contemporary novel dealing with universal human themes.

Please don’t reveal the ending, especially online
There is something in the final chapter that should be discovered through reading. Read slowly, the ‘secret’ can be missed.

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Contains a comprehensive author interview and 10-page Guide for Book Clubs, Teachers and Writing Students.

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On the Edge of the Loch: A Psychological Novel

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