Orkney Mystery

Orkney Mystery
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So many questions left unanswered…

Freda Nicholson was always an aloof and mysterious character within her family.

So much so, that Emma Mason knows nothing of this distant great aunt and neither do her relatives.

But for Emma, this would change when there is news of her Aunt Freda’s death. Emma is left as the sole inheritor of Freda’s home, ‘Borch House’.

Mystified, Emma travels to the deepest north of the United Kingdom, to the Scottish island of Orkney, so she can manage her aunt’s property and sell it.

Upon arriving in Orkney, Emma sets to find out some information about her long-lost aunt, hoping that she will learn about why Freda left the property to her.

But frustratingly, there is little to learn.

Soon Emma wonders why a woman of ninety would want to live in such a large house by herself?

With all her questions, Emma is determined to keep the house until she finds out more.

The townspeople are kind enough to her in her search for answers and local, Gregor, helps her to piece parts of her Freda’s life together.

During her search and exploration of her aunt’s life, Emma cannot help but become increasingly charmed by the ancient and untouched landscape of Orkney.

When she heads back to Newcastle, her heart also seems to stay in Orkney.

And with Gregor, although his sister tells Emma that Gregor has not moved on from since his wife passed away.

How close will Emma get to unravelling the truth about her mysterious aunt?

And will she be able to forget Orkney?

Or the man who helped her the most?

Orkney Mystery is a quaint and intriguing story about secrets, love and family.

Praise for Miranda Barnes

“A sparkling romance set in rural England” – Holly Kinsella, bestselling author of ‘Uptown Girl’.

Miranda Barnes has lived in Northumberland nearly all her life, and most of her romantic fiction is set in the area she has come to love. Contemporary and authentic, her novels focus on the loves and lives of local people – shop assistants, craft workers, and farming and fishing folk.

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Orkney Mystery

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