Romance: Billionaire Nights: Collection – Special Edition (Alpha Male

Romance: Billionaire Nights: Collection - Special Edition (Alpha Male
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Romance: Billionaire Nights: Collection – Special Edition (Alpha Male BBW Romance Short Stories)
Seventeen full-length BWM romance stories that will satisfy every guilty pleasure.

Jolie Day brings to us a new charming collection of 17 of her best titles to date. “Billionaire Nights” is a steamy collection of erotic BBW Romance Short Stories that feature some of the hottest billionaire alpha males ever. Bikers, lawyers, bad boys, and thrill-seekers-all waiting to fulfill your fantasies.

Featured titles include:

The Billionaire’s Assistant
Mystery Romance
My day started as predictable as any other. Being the executive assistant to Gabriel Miles was not the most exciting job. But, I was learning the ropes from this self-made entrepreneur, and it didn’t hurt that I got to spend my days feasting my eyes on the gorgeous billionaire.
Little did I know that a simple errand would turn into the adventure of a lifetime. Secret packages, criminal enterprises, car chases and riding on the back of Gabe’s bike. And on top of it all, the steamiest, hottest night I have ever spent with any man…

The Billionaire’s Offer
BBW Romance

The Billionaire CEO
Contemporary Romance

The Billionaire’s Invitation
BBW Romance

The Billionaire Thrill
Mystery Romance

The Billionaire’s Spark
Stepbrother Romance
“J. Day has truly created a dream man in her Romance Story “The Billionaire’s Spark”. Peter Davies is one of the most likeable characters you will ever find in a romance story. His romance with Lucy will captivate you and keep you wanting more. Their story is what the best of stories are made of.”

The Billionaire Lawyer
Contemporary Romance

The Billionaire’s Request
BBW Romance

The Billionaire Mystery
Mystery Romance

The Billionaire Bad Boy
BBW Romance
Luke is the type of bad boy I stay away from.
The moment we met I knew he was trouble. I told myself to steer clear, but I can’t deny there’s something there.
Little by little he breaks down my defenses, and I realize there’s more to him than muscles, tattoos and those eyes.
Just when things heat up between us, I find out he’s been keeping something from me.
Something BIG.

The Billionaire Stranger
Asian Mystery Romance

The Billionaire Biker
Biker Romance

The Billionaire Stepbrother
Mystery Romance

The Biker Undercover BBW
Mystery Romance
Drake is one of the members of the undercover motorcycle gang. He has a dark past and because of his involvement in the gang, he lives a dangerous life. He’s sexy, mysterious and filthy rich, even though no one would ever know it. He’s a total badass, and he’s no good for Jade. But he can’t help wanting her.

The Biker Rescue
BBW Biker Romance

The Billionaire’s Game
Comedy Romance

Blue Soldier
Biker Mystery Romance
Elina Childs is a bright and independent young woman able to stand on her own feet. At least that’s what she thinks; until there is a murderer in her apartment.
Alec is a member of the Blue Soldiers. He wears his biking name proudly on his jacket, but he is a quiet rogue, choosing the thrill of the life of a biker over his family’s money and social status. His silence and mystery toy with Elina’s sense of safety, but she feels as if she needs him…

♥ WARNING: This 200.000+ words collection is intended to be enjoyed by an 18+ audience only. Read at your own risk!

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Romance: Billionaire Nights: Collection - Special Edition (Alpha Male

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