Sixgun Showdown

Sixgun Showdown
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A showdown for the south…Dan Herrick hasn’t ridden through Arizona in nearly six years. A Texan man himself, he’s been wayfaring north.But then a letter came from ‘Major’ Cal McDade, the owner of the Walking C Ranch and Herrick’s father-in-law.Or he was to be his father-in-law, if Elizabeth, the love of his life hadn’t died from Typhoid those six years previous.At the time, McDade had cursed his name but now he’s asking for a favour – in the form of a gun.Before he even gets there, Herrick has an idea of why.McDade, after all, is an old-school free-range beef rancher and a former Confederate Major.But the once wild west is dying and its borders are being tamed. The government has passed the Homesteader Act and once free land is now being fenced off.McDade’s type won’t hear of it – especially from Washington ‘yankies’. His land is his and he’ll see no homesteader take it from him.On his way to the local town of Centro, Herrick witnesses a man being bushwhacked by two strangers.His only clues to go on are a strange impression of a longhorn in the dust and some broken matches.Unsure if the law has got to Centro, he hides the body; his fears are founded, as the town is even more dilapidated then it was six years ago.Most of the good folk have already left northwards, and it seems that McDade has made the mistake of hiring some suspicious gunslingers.Herrick takes an instant disliking to one – a longhaired gunnie, with a smooth Mid-Eastern accent and a navy Colt at his side. The violence has got to end and Herrick knows that he’s the man to wrangle the last remnants of both the Wild West and the confederate south in one big Sixgun Showdown…Praise for A A Glynn‘A classic story of adventure and courage in the Old West.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade Off. Anthony Arthur Glynn was born in Manchester in 1929, and had a disrupted wartime childhood, including enduring the Luftwaffe’s blitzing of the city in 1940 and 1941. Drawn to art and writing from an early age, be quickly became interested in all kinds of books and devoured popular fiction. He started work as a textile designer in Manchester at sixteen and studied the subject at Manchester Regional College of Art in the evenings. After two years’ National Service in the army, he became a reporter on a weekly newspaper in Cheshire during his early twenties. Since retiring, he frequently visits the US, researching authentic backgrounds for new Western novels. His other western adventures include, Sixgun Prodigal, Guns Across Red River and The Lonesome Gun.

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Sixgun Showdown

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