Storm in a B Cup

Storm in a B Cup
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Storm in a B Cup
‘Hilarious.’ ‘Witty’ and ‘Absolutely uplifting’*Bronze Medal Winner at the 2015 Reader’s Favorite Awards*

WARNING: This book will make you laugh. And cry. And possibly want to punch a couple of the characters but that’s only because they deserve it.

Sophie’s a survivor. After becoming unexpectedly pregnant at age twenty-one, she’s made a life for herself running a small hat shop. She has wonderful friends, a stable relationship and the most gorgeous son in the world, Rory. Sure, it’s not how she dreamed her life would be, but Sophie’s content… until the day she’s diagnosed with cancer. It’s then Sophie’s world begins to collapse. Faster than you can say ‘prosthesis’ she finds her friends are not really her friends and the man she thought loved her? Well, he’s got a teeny issue with her altered appearance.

Most people would probably give up but not Sophie. Going for major surgery becomes an excuse for a full body wax and an entire new wardrobe of loungewear. The possibility of losing her hair is a chance to have the wacky, peroxided haircut she always wanted. For Sophie, cancer is a laugh when her prosthesis gets felt up at a party and an opportunity to reinvent her business. It’s heart-pounding, knee melting desire in the form of her hot, plastic surgeon, Dr Jared Handsome — I mean, Hanson. Because when Sophie looks into Jared’s eyes, she begins to believe everything might just be okay.

Or will it? It could be Dr Hanson is simply being friendly, that the hot flashes Sophie’s feeling are a result of medication, not some chemical attraction between them. On the other hand, plain Sophie Molloy, girl with more scar tracks on her body than a train terminal, might just be the one to capture the elusive doctor’s heart.

Storm in a B Cup is a tale of love, humour and getting on with life despite what it throws at you. It’s a romantic comedy that will leave you not only rolling with laugher but rooting for Sophie as she navigates her way through break ups, new romances and surgical reconstructions with the help of zany friends and relatives. And one very special little boy.

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Storm in a B Cup

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