The Allies

The Allies
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Belgium, 1944 Sergeant Wally Shaw has been on the run across the war-torn Belgium countryside for longer than he’d like.Weary and disillusioned by the senseless risks of war, and unable to keep up the fight when everything he holds dear is gone, he deserted his platoon and is now a fugitive.He makes his way by stealing supplies and selling them on the black market.It’s not the most honourable way of life, but Shaw stopped caring about honour a long time ago. Fleeing British MPs, he races across the Nazi-ravaged fields and plunges into hiding — only to find himself in the company of three Germans who, like Shaw, are deserters.Forced by circumstance to trust each other, an uneasy alliance is formed that ultimately leads the four men to hatch an incredible, daring and impossible plot.In a concentration camp in the heart of Germany, millions of pounds of perfect British banknotes are being printed — the forgery entirely undetectable, even by the experts at the Bank of England.Their aim – to flood and destroy the British economy. The allies’ plan is devastatingly simple – steal the counterfeit money from beneath the noses of the SS and retire to Sweden, free to live out the rest of their days in a life of luxury.The plan may be simple, but there’s no denying the dangers involved.No one walks willingly into a concentration camp, and even fewer walk out again alive.Each man knows the risks facing them, but the reward is too great an opportunity to pass up.And when you’re officially listed as dead, is there really anything left to lose?Set against the war-torn backdrop of Europe, The Allies is a fast-paced World War Two thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat with excitement.Praise for Maurice Sellar“Tense and exciting” — Brighton Evening Argus“Rough, tough yarn” — Irish Times“Compelling reading — couldn’t put the book down” — Hugh Williams, L.B.C. RadioMaurice Sellar is an author, screenplay and television writer and the producer of the classic 93 episode BBC1 Best of British, narrated by Sir John Mills and the award-winning BBC1 documentary: Hitler’s Death, the Final Report which was broadcast in over fifty countries.

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The Allies

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