The Dust: Book Four – Tribe

The Dust: Book Four - Tribe
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: The Dust: Book Four – Tribe
After the Icelandic eruption, the volcanic dust cloud slowly moved south enveloping Northern Europe.At first the human population were only mildly effected, some with common cold symptoms, others with sore throats.Some fell into a forty eight hour deep sleep, they were the lucky ones. Some never woke up at all, dying where they lay.Some on the other hand never closed their eyes, they became, The Infected.As the dust entered the bloodstream it mutated, curdling the blood, rendering the host helpless and eventually driving them insane. Crazed and blood thirsty they rampaged naked across the land killing anything in their path. Men, women, children and even animals were ripped apart.The world would never be the same again.As for the lucky ones, the humans with an AB and A positive blood type, they woke to find a living hell. Those that weren’t killed in their sleep soon wished they had been. Most wished they’d never woken up at all.Pockets of bedraggled survivors began to move across the continents reaching out for help but they found very little. Soon they turned on each other.Bands of men and women formed small armies and movements determined to take control of the new world. Most failed, lots were torn from limb to limb by the marauding Infected as they swept through the country.However, for the Infected their time was short lived. Man soon worked out a way to disable the naked beasts.In the United Kingdom in particular, they virtually wiped out all of the Infected by infecting them with the Norovirus.The road to recovery was long. Corpses were rotting wherever they had fallen and large amounts of survivors perished when they were hit by a new plague. The whole country had become one huge mass grave.The struggle to feed the dwindling population also proved hard. A harsh winter was followed by one of the longest dry spells Britain had ever known. Those who were old and weak died. The babies unfortunate to be born into this hell on earth were also lost.Large chunks of Iceland had fallen back into sea. The land that remained had become a furnace of lava and volcanic explosions, toxic fumes continued to bellow into the atmosphere.The delicately balanced climate over the North Atlantic had changed. The rain clouds had disappeared and the hot sun was scorching the earth.Britain was on its knees, the population had been decimated and those who remained were now hungry.Survivors were now scattered across the land living in small nomadic tribes. The outlook was bleak, living from hand to mouth on a daily basis. But worse was still to come.Unbeknown to many there was an even bigger danger looming, and lay just across the water.A swarm has amassed in Northern France sweeping up from the rest of Europe and Asia. They have left nothing in their wake, a killing machine whose thirst for blood knows no boundaries. There is now only one more country left to pillage.Britain!

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The Dust: Book Four - Tribe

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