The Fantasy Factor

The Fantasy Factor
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Originally published in 1975, The Fantasy Factor documents the ‘ubiquitous influence’ of sexual fantasy on human behaviour. Delving into questions surrounding risk, intimacy, social norms and deviancy, Dally considers the established and classic psychology surrounding sex.He also sheds light on the way this psychology exists alongside an increasingly voyeuristic and liberal society which attempts to reconcile sexual fantasy with aspirations of faithfulness and marital norms. Through case studies and observations, he asks whether sadism and machoism exist more frequently than we admit, and explores how sexual fantasy finds expression in work and daily life. In considering the effects of sexual fantasies on people’s lives, he questions whether fantasies can be gratified and indeed whether they should they be gratified. Is sexual fantasy a power that can be harnessed or a disorder that should be treated? From marriage, pornography and witch-hunting, The Fantasy Factor examines the lure of sexual fantasy that has been a constant throughout history. Praise for Dr Peter Dally “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is a biography with a difference…Dally’s professional insights shed new light of familiar details..” — Boston Globe “Peter Dally has written a book about Virginia Woof unlike any other…Dr. Dally’s slim volume is thrilling, both for reader interested in mental disorders generally, and Virginia Woolf in particular.” — The Washington Times “Dally puts Woolf on the couch.” — Kirkus Reviews Dr Peter Dally (1923-2005) was the senior consultant psychiatrist at the Westminster Hospital, London, until his retirement in January 1988. His previous books include Elizabeth Barrett Browning: A Psychological Portrait, and Anorexia Nervosa. Although a general psychiatrist, his professional outlook was eclectic and he had particular interests in manic depression and anorexia nervosa. Virginia Woolf first aroused his interest when, as a student, he read Mrs Dalloway.

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The Fantasy Factor

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