The Grid 1: Fall of Justice (The Grid Trilogy)

The Grid 1: Fall of Justice (The Grid Trilogy)
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: The Grid 1: Fall of Justice (The Grid Trilogy)
A fortress city divided by concrete walls, separating rich and poor …

A President with a mysterious past …

A prison lined by inhumane cages packed with detainees who never got a trial …

Law Lords who can be bought and sold to the highest bidder …

A justice system which favours the will of the authorities over human rights …

Before anybody gets justice, they must first survive The Grid!

When Joe Parsons breaks into the Fortrillium network, he has no idea what secrets he’ll uncover about the harsh world in which he’s been brought up.

Discovering the deception and lies behind his father’s death, he takes on the two most powerful people in the city.

But before he gets his chance for revenge he must first survive The Grid, the terrifying challenge in which justice must be seen to be done.

It’s a gamified arena – and only one person has ever got out alive.

Thrown together with only a small group of friends, Joe must discover the deadly secrets about his city before his enemies can finish him in The Grid.

[Note: This book has a cliffhanger ending

The Grid is the fourth book by Paul Teague who also wrote The Secret Bunker Trilogy.

It is the first part of The Grid Trilogy.

What readers are saying about Paul Teague’s first book, The Secret Bunker: Darkness Falls

The Secret Bunker set a quick pace towards a culmination of events with a meeting of all the main characters and left me gripped along the way. It’s not often I pre order the next book but I did in this case, there’s no way I’m missing what happens next.

… Paul manages to provide an authentic teenage voice for his prime character all the way through. Looking forward to seeing what comes in the second of the trilogy which I’ve already pre-ordered, need I say more?

Really enjoyed this adventure seen through the eyes of the teenage lead character – his voice was so true and compelling. I’m looking forward to reading the others and would rather like to go and visit the real bunker!

I really enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down, I can’t wait to see what happens next in book two! 5 Stars, I really enjoyed it!
… the action is intense and lots of twists and turns abound until the last page is turned … The characters are well defined, plot is fantastic and the ending leaves us waiting for the next part … Most highly recommended. 

Author Q&A

What gave you the idea for The Grid Trilogy?

The Grid was inspired by a scene in the final book of The Secret Bunker Trilogy, it just struck me that there was more to explore with an idea that had just been a small part of the action in that story.

It’s also inspired in part by The Running Man and The Hunger Games, though the story is nothing like either of those.

The Grid Trilogy is set in a post-plague world, it’s a dystopian vision of the future … and not a very nice one, depending on which part of The City you live in.

What can we expect in The Grid Trilogy?

Well, for starters, there’s a really high body count!

No character is safe in this trilogy, I really wanted to set up a massive sense of jeopardy for all of the characters.

Even if they escape with their lives, nobody gets out unscathed.

The world in this book is brutal, everybody is damaged in some way, however up the food chain they are.

This book is also packed with secrets, intrigue and deception.

Nobody is who they seem to be, and there’s also a massive secret right at the heart of this world.

What’s next for you after The Grid Trilogy?

I still have a final trilogy sketched out which will bring together the worlds of The Secret Bunker and The Grid.

There are clues in there is you know where to look!

First though, I’ll be writing a book in a new genre, then it’s back to the sci-fi!

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The Grid 1: Fall of Justice (The Grid Trilogy)

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