The Rival Potters

The Rival Potters
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The past is a dark and dangerous place…

Lionel Drayton has returned from America to claim what he believes to be his rightful inheritance – the Drayton pottery.

Following the death of Martin Drayton, his widow Amelia and their daughter Olivia took on the responsibility of running the business with enthusiasm and delight.

However, when it’s wrestled from their grasp once more following Lionel’s return, they’re determined to beat him at his own game and set up their own rival pottery business.

Encouraged by Miguel, the bastard heir to the Tremain estates, Amelia and Olivia join forces with the Kendall family and their daughter Deborah, who soon discovers that she has an unrivalled talent for design.

With new techniques pioneered by Simon and Jessica Kendall, and Deborah’s gift of introducing exotic new designs into their stoneware clay collection, the rival pottery is going from strength to strength.

But disturbing forces are at work and Lionel’s return soon creates an ugly ripple through the normally sleepy town of Burslem.

Exercising control over the pottery isn’t enough for Lionel and he quickly turns his attention to coveting Miguel’s vast inheritance.

The inhabitants of Burslem soon realise that no one is safe when it comes to Lionel’s malicious quest for power and wealth.

And over all this hangs the pervading threat of Carrion House, now Lionel’s home, where dark secrets lurk and the past forever casts sinister shadows over the town of Burslem…

Exciting and evocative, The Rival Potters vividly portrays the human emotions of love, jealousy, greed and fear. Like its predecessors, it is a memorable and superbly written novel.

The Rival Potters is the final book in the Drayton trilogy, which also includes The Drayton Legacy and The Potter’s Niece.

Rona Randall was born in Cheshire, but grew up in London. She won a scholarship to a local college of art, but circumstances prevented her from taking this up and she took a secretarial course which she hated. She studied drama under the late Frank Forbes-Robertson and became an actress for a time. After this she worked as a secretary in an editorial office, then became a journalist, before moving on to writing fiction. She is married to a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, and has one son and two grandchildren. She lives in Kent.

Rona Randall has herself progressed, through pottery, to become an accomplished modeller in ceramics, and the unusual background of The Potter’s Niece is one she knows well.

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The Rival Potters

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