Thirty Fathoms Deep

Thirty Fathoms Deep
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Thirty Fathoms Deep
Bob Porter wants more from his life… Stumbling across some aged parchment in a local bookshop, an idea strikes him.The parchment is seemingly a journal that belonged to Don Jaime. The Captain of the sunken Santa Cruz.The Santa Cruz was sunk in battle 350 years prior. But what of the treasure she was reportedly carrying?Persuading his uncle to fund the search, he acquires a ship and crew to aid in his search.Whilst most find this venture to be pointless and doomed to failure, Bob is determined that he will literally strike gold.Weeks of searching the area indicated in the journal, he loses faith in his plan. Until one last tactic hooks the big fish.Divers are deployed, plans are made and excavation begins.Little does Bob know, this is not going to go as planned.Each time the divers descend, they are risking their lives. Delicate equipment, storms, unforgiving terrain and a submerged wreck are sure to make this voyage dangerous.But when his crew are acting suspiciously, Bob must wonder whether they are as trustworthy as originally thought.Can Bob keep this salvage secret? If the Peruvian government hear of his find, they will claim ownership and he will lose it all.With the nature of this trip kept secret until the wreckage was located, surely he has nothing to worry about?But when company arrives, he soon realises that the government is the least of his worries.Can Bob successfully salvage the hidden treasure from the depths of the sea? Will he be able to return home as a rich man?Or will he and his crew perish to the secrets of the sea? Thirty Fathoms Deep is a brilliant adventure novel, packed with action from beginning to end. Praise for Edward Ellsberg ‘done in high adventure style’ – Kirkus Reviews ‘Authentic material in a good yarn’ – Kirkus Reviews Rear Admiral Edward Ellsberg returned to active service with the navy the morning after Pearl Harbour, after a life of hazardous adventure in salvage operations, during which he won the United States Navy’s Distinguished Service Medal. He thereby became the first man to gain the award in peacetime. At Massawa he raised the two Italian Floating Docks, in spite of expert opinion that it was impossible. Later he served as Principal Salvage Officer under General Eisenhower in North Africa and afterwards in the Normandy Invasion. Rear Admiral Ellsberg was awarded the C.B.E. by His Majesty King George VI, and two Legions of Merit by the United States Government.

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Thirty Fathoms Deep

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