Town Without Law

Town Without Law
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Gold Point, a festering town in the West, is completely in the power of local tyrant Sherman Hall.

With no governing authority, Hall is free to set the law as he pleases, and the law of the gun is the only one he rules by.

Rex M’Clyde, an honest man, grew up in Gold Point, alongside Sherman Hall.

But Hall views him as a threat.

In an attempt to rid Gold Point of M’Clyde once and for all, Hall frames him for a murder he didn’t commit.

With the lawyers under Hall’s command, M’Clyde stands no chance and quickly finds himself cast out into the desert without food or water.

All but dead, M’Clyde is rescued by fellow exile Seth Pardoe.

Pardoe, a loner himself, sees that M’Clyde is a decent man and discloses the secret location of vast gold deposits in the mountains.

With neither of them willing to return to Gold Point, they embark upon building a town with their new found wealth – a clean town that attracts decent men and women, like Clem Atkinson and his beautiful daughter, Louise.

As word spreads of M’Clyde and Pardoe’s new town, Hall sets out to destroy it in every way possible.

Brutal assaults launched on the new town bring it to the point of destruction, but M’Clyde will not be defeated and he patiently awaits each new attack, outwitting Hall at every turn.

As time goes on and the brutality of Hall’s attacks continue, M’Clyde must fight to save the thing that means everything to him.

Town Without Law is an enthralling story of justice and revenge.

Praise for John Russell Fearn

‘A classic story of adventure and courage in the Old West.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade Off.

John Russell Fearn (1908-1960) is well remembered as almost single-handedly driving the post-World War II boom in British publishing with a flood of science fiction, detective stories, and westerns. His writing appeared under various pseudonyms and has been translated into many languages around the world.

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Town Without Law

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