Your Soul Knows: Listen, Trust, Act (Every Breath Is

Your Soul Knows: Listen, Trust, Act (Every Breath Is
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Your Soul Knows: Listen, Trust, Act (Every Breath Is Gold Book 3)
Honest and Raw.
I believe, every experience we go through in life is to prepare us for what is to come in our lives. To teach us the life lessons we need to know so we can be best prepared to handle our ultimate test, somewhere in the future. I believe, our lives are an accumulation of life lessons that can only be learned by personal experience, to be completely understood.

Reading about a life lesson, or someone lecturing you about one, pales in comparison to feeling and experiencing that life lesson first hand.

I truly believe that.

I believe, the best way to teach someone something is to make that person believe they are learning something else.I believe the universe does that to us.
It takes us on goals and missions in our lives that we believe are the most important things to us at the time.

It does this to teach us lessons we need to experience and learn, so we can successfully execute them when our real mission in life finally confronts us.

I believe, if you really listen, your soul will talk to you.

Excerpt from “Your Soul Knows”

I know I should run.

But I don’t.

I rationalize to myself that I can’t.

I can’t embarrass someone like that.

I am trapped between shopping carts in a checkout line at the supermarket.

All of my items I am purchasing on this day are on the conveyor belt, ready to be scanned and bagged by the cashier – the cashier who is using one hand to scan each item while her other hand is wiping her nose.

I know I should run from this runny nose clerk, but I am trapped, I can’t go back, and I can’t go forward.

Snot Lady is going to touch every one of the items I am purchasing today.

For most, seeing a cashier wipe her nose a few times would definitely give one the koodies, but for me, it gives me the chills; a six-month hospital stay for Jess flashes through my mind.

As my order approaches the cashier on the conveyor belt, the absolute worst possible thing happens.

The cashier switches hands.

The hand she was using to wipe her nose, she is now using to scan my groceries.

I am always so careful, and I try to be as polite as I can, but my life is different. I detour from sneezes or coughs in a crowd, and I always run from runny noses.

I try not to be rude, but sometimes it is quite obvious I just up and leave at the first sign someone has a cold.

I have to; a cold to Jess inevitably turns into pneumonia, which turns into a spin of the cylinder – playing Russian roulette with our lives.

I don’t know what makes me stay online today.

But whatever it is that causes me to stay, I stay.

Even knowing it is a mistake.

A rookie mistake.

And I am not, by any means, a rookie at this.

I know I should run from this runny nose, but I do not.

“John, what are you doing? You can’t spray Lysol on the groceries!” BettyJane screams at me as she walks into the kitchen as I am trying to decontaminate what I just purchased from the supermarket.

“BettyJane, I just made a rookie mistake. I allowed Snot Lady to check me out at the grocery store, I know I should have run, but I didn’t. If I can’t spray Lysol on all of this, then we need to throw it all away.”

“John, your NOT spraying Lysol on anything, and we are NOT throwing $400 worth of groceries away! Relax, you are probably exaggerating what you think you saw, Jess will be fine, she doesn’t eat this food anyway.”

“No, but we touch it when we eat it and then we will transfer it to her when we feed her.”

“We have been through so much and we have never once fought with each other. And now we’re going to fight about whether you should Lysol our food or not?”

I stop; I let it go; I know she’s right.

But I know that I, too, am right.

“Every Breath Is Gold Trilogy”
6 Minutes Wrestling With Life – Book 1
Again – Book 2
Your Soul Knows – Book 3

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