FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List Mar 19

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

Pokerrrr – The Poker Dealer / Poker Battle with Friends (iPhone/iPad)
Celebrate for our new app “Donkey League Poker” just released !!!
Free for limited time, please also try our new free poker app and give our some comments.


Subtraction Flashcard Match Games for Kids in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade (iPhone/iPad)
Building math skills and learning to subtract has never been more fun and intuitive!

With “Show Me” and “Peek” features, play comes easy even for young learners.


Dino-Store (iPhone/iPad)
Kids, parents, teachers and critics love this funny & charming dino-store story.
* Over 225,000 downloads (80% from schools!)
* Year’s Top Picks for Storybook…
Radian – Puzzles with a Twist (iPhone/iPad)
Radian is a puzzle game with a twist! Play a tactile 3D board made of rotating rings! Like many classic arcade games, it is mesmerizing in its simplicity, while…
Clone Magic (iPhone/iPad)
*FREE for limited time!
Do you want to make a photo where many of you appear?
It’s now very fast and easy with Clone Magic.

– Shoot 2 to 6 photos…

Sputnik Eyes (iPhone/iPad)
“Sputnik Eyes is definitely a gem for all puzzle game fans” – AppAdvice
“[…]the most satisfying $2 I have spent in a while” – 8.8 / 10 – GameMob

Sputnik Eyes…

BrainWave Tuner – Fine tune your brain to excel (iPhone/iPad)
***26 + preset brainwave patterns. Nominated as ‘Best Healthcare and Fitness App’ by Handango. ***

You must have heard about brainwave test in medical field….

Talk And Drive For Waze (iPhone/iPad)
Talk and drive enables you to operate your map applications simply by talking.

All you have to do is launch the application, say your destination and that’s it.


Three Little Pigs – Story & Games (iPhone/iPad)
Get the beautifully illustrated ‘The Three Little Pigs’ fairy tale and also 10 educational and fun games that will dazzle your children aged 3 and up.

No in-app…

The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy, Volume 2 (iPhone/iPad)




Wingman – EBAC and Drink Counter (iPhone/iPad)
From a crazy college night to a casual get together, always track your estimated blood alcohol content with Wingman.

Wingman’s sleek and intuitive design makes…

Where To Go? PRO – Find Points of Interest using GPS. (iPhone/iPad)
⊛⊛⊛⊛⊛ No matter if you need to find the closest bar, grocery store, pharmacy, taxi firm or historical point-of-interest, WhereToGo is the app you need….
Altimeter Pro A.C.T (iPhone/iPad)
Modern Altimeter GPS+ app is for folks who care for hiking and biking in mountainous terrain. GPS is getting very accurate in terms of distance indication. The choice…
Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop for iPhone & iPod – Personal (iPhone/iPad)
Limited Time Sales! (retail $9.99 USD); iPad version on big sales as well!
“Both a breakthrough and a bargain.” – NY Times
“Splashtop — Meet the most popular…
Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds to calm your mind and focus (iPhone/iPad)
You will sleep, relax, meditate and focus better with Windy because Windy masks unwanted noise. Your ears will love Windy because she plays soothing high-quality…
Wakr – Simple weather (iPhone/iPad)
Wakr shows you the current weather conditions in a simple yet powerful way.

Just shake your device to update the forecast for your current location.

Get daily…

Train Conductor 2: USA (iPhone/iPad)

Control trains barrelling through famous American locations, sky high over Miami Beach, through the underground of New York City…

Tesla Toy (iPhone/iPad)
Tesla Toy is an interactive toy. When your fingers touch the screen they generate a powerful electrical field that makes the thousands of particles react beautifully….
Red Onion – Tor-powered web browser for anonymous browsing and darknet (iPhone/iPad)
Red Onion is a unique browser that lets you access the Internet privately and anonymously. With Red Onion you can bypass corporate, school, public wifi internet…
TranslateSafari 2 – Translate & Speak Extension for Safari (iPhone/iPad)
TranslateSafari 2 – Translate & Speak Extension for Safari
The app is a Safari extension that translates and speaks aloud the entire web page of Safari app.
A must…
Calculator 2.0 (iPhone/iPad)
iCalc Calculator 2.0 delivers power, ease of use, and beauty in an application designed for everyday and power users.

• Displays both input & on-the-fly result… Real Time Language and Text Translator with Speech and Dictionary (iPhone/iPad)
Free for limited time!

Just speak into your phone and it immediately replies in one of our 80 languages.

Speak instead of type. No training…

sUploader Free – Upload Snap & Story swiftly and save your time (iPhone/iPad)
*DISCLAIMER: This app and its makers are not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Snapchat, Inc.

You can Upload ANY snaps or stories, photos or videos…

Dreamdays HD – Countdown to the Days that Matter (iPad)
Big thanks to 5 million Dreamdays users worldwide! Dreamdays HD has been completely reimagined and redesigned for the iPad. We are looking to enhance the countdown…
Multiplication Flashcard Match Games for Kids (iPad)
Building math skills and learning to multiply has never been more fun and intuitive!

With “Show Me” and “Peek” features, play comes easy even for young learners.


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