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iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

Mastermind Pro – Code Breaker (Premium) (iPhone/iPad)
Free today with App of the Day
Download ‘App of the Day’, and every day discover one paid app absolutely free!

Guess the secret code in this classic…

Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats (iPhone/iPad)
Based on a true story of childhood optimism, Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats is the super-fun interactive story about a 4-year-old girl’s drawing and her heartwarming…
Fun on the Farm – 5 top 2-player board games for kids; play dominos, air hockey, lotto with family and friends (iPhone/iPad)
Fun on the Farm is an app which consists of 5 board games for 2 players which were specially made for children. Take your favorite board games with you to a party…
Trouble With Robots (iPhone/iPad)
Richard Garfield, Game Designer (Magic: The Gathering, King Of Tokyo) says, “It is terrific to be able to play Trouble With Robots again – it is overdue for iOS….
Mystery Math Museum (iPhone/iPad)
Explore 8 themed museums and rescue the missing dragonflies in the epic sequel to Mystery Math Town

– Parents’ Choice Award Winner
– Children’s Technology Review…

Toca Kitchen 2 (iPhone/iPad)
***Free for a limited time!***

The wildly popular Toca Kitchen is back! With new guests to cook for, more tools to play with and new food combinations to test out…

Power Sleep & Nap | AmbiScience™ • Binaural & Isochronic Ambient Sleep Utility (iPhone/iPad)
*** The Best Selling Line of Brainwave Apps on the Store – Since 2008. ***

— Includes LUCID DREAMING entrainment!

Check out our ‘100 Beats and Tones!’ for even…

iCarConnect – the best on-board computer for your car (iPhone/iPad)
iOS in the Car is here in your hands!

With iCarConnect driving has never been so safe and pleasant!
Optimized for iOS7 is the perfect app to accompany you while…

iCountTimer Pro (iPhone/iPad)
iCountTimer combines the power of timer and counter and wraps it with an elegant interface, making it a sleek, simple and effective workout app.

Whether it’s interval…

Pixelmon Mod Minecraft Edition (iPhone/iPad)

Have you ever wanted to play Pixelmon in a world you created?

Well now you can!!

Within Minecraft, you can become…

My Parking – Find Car Park (iPhone/iPad)
With My Parking you’ll always know where your car is located and which path do to achieve it.

• Very simple user interface, remember the parking lot with a single…

MinePE Maps – Multiplayer Servers for Minecraft PE Pocket Edition with Seeds & Mods (iPhone/iPad)
*** FREE 2 days only – Save $0.99 ***

Best app for searching all kinds of Minecraft PE servers with NO limits, NO ads and NO in-app purchases!

Easily search through…

Quiz Your Friends – See who knows you the best! (iPhone/iPad)
See who knows you the best with Quiz Your Friends. Now with an “instant quiz” option which takes all the hard work out of thinking of questions for your quiz! Plus…
LEDit – The LED Banner App (iPhone/iPad)
LEDit turns your iPhone/iPad into an awesome ticker display. It’s the perfect app to communicate with your friends in noisy bars, parties or concerts. Also in…
TicToe Fury (iPhone/iPad)
-Share with your friends and family while it’s free-

TicToe Fury is the best variation of the original Tic Tac Toe, it involves clever…

Bamba Farm (iPhone/iPad)
•••Join 3+ million Bamba friends – kids learn through play with Bamba!••• 

There’s lots to do at Bamba’s wacky farm! Shear the sheep, feed…

Spend Stack (iPhone/iPad)
See it in action:
Requires iOS 8.1 or above.

Spend Stack makes staying on top of money easy, fun, and pretty. Let Spend Stack automagically…

Animal First Grade Math Games for Kids in Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Premium (iPhone/iPad)
Join math-explorer Emma in an all new adventure as she helps her animal friends complete over 100 first grade math games and find their way across the African wild!


YouRoam: WiFi phone calls and text messaging (iPhone/iPad)
YouRoam lets you make and receive calls on YOUR cell number anywhere in the world over WiFi, 3G or LTE for free or really cheap!


Amigo Pancho (iPhone/iPad)
OVER 200 MILLIONS PLAYS for 5 years!

HEY AMIGOS, are you ready for the incredible adventures?

Help Amigo Pancho to get to the Mountains top. 


Audreio (iPhone/iPad)
Audreio is an elegant solution for connecting devices in your music making process. Stream and record full bandwidth audio between iOS devices or iOS and desktop…
Baby Elephant Adventure (iPhone/iPad)
Languages: English, 日本人, español, русский, français, Deutsch,
This app definitely has is lovely and entertaining story with cute characters!
You can…
Bamba Clock: Learn to Tell Time (iPad)
•••Join 4+ million Bamba friends – kids learn through play with Bamba!••• 

Kids learn to read a clock and tell time in exciting Pirate Adventures!…

Bamba Airport (iPad)
•••Join 3+ million Bamba friends – kids learn through play with Bamba!••• 

Let your kids run an Airport! Choose who gets to go on holiday! Help our…

Bamba BBQ (iPad)
•••Join 2+ million Bamba customers – kids learn through play with Bamba!•••

Let your kids be the craziest BBQ Pitmaster ever! Select and cook up a…

Bamba Post Office (iPad)
•••Join 2+ million Bamba customers – kids learn through play with Bamba!•••
Kids love presents! Bamba Post Office lets the kids pick a present, wrap…
Bamba Toys (iPad)
•••Join 2+ million Bamba customers – kids learn through play with Bamba!•••

Kids love toys! Let them design their own – from customizing the parts…

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