FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List May 7

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

VOYAGER the game (iPhone/iPad)
“incredibly charming…the look, sound and mechanics combine to create a calming, zen-like experience.” – Touch Arcade

“If you were looking for a reason to reach-out…

Glide : Journey To Infinity (iPhone/iPad)
Challenge your mind with this game and show us how far can you reach!
Everything is moving upside down and in all directions in this high-speed racer.
Test your…
The Legend of Ipsae – RPG (iPhone/iPad)
– huge magical world
– dozens of enemies
– virtual gamepad
– round-based battle system
– craft system
– original soundtrack
– quest system
– world map
Spin Spell (iPhone/iPad)
Practice your spelling by rolling a ball through a traditional 3D wooden labyrinth and capturing letters in the correct order to spell a word. Spin Spell is a physics…
Monkey Jumping – Keep Climbing (iPhone/iPad)
Nothing is more wonderful when you win yourself. Overcome by challenging yourself to Keep Climbing game.

Keep Climbing is an addictive game that will captivate…

Block vs Block (iPhone/iPad)
We modify the world most attractive puzzle game on PC / NES / FC / PS. How to play it is no need to explain. iOS “Block vs Block” allow you play against computer…
AR-Game (iPhone/iPad)
It’s the first AR-Game collection in China. With the latest AR technology, gaming with the phone camera to simulate the real scene, you can get a lot of fun of the…
Strike Hit ball Shooter (iPhone/iPad)
Please Note: This app is free, cool gameplay and optimized user interaction.

The objective of this game is simple : There are multiple layers and each layer consists…

Team Bar Finder (iPhone/iPad)
Are you loyal to your team even though you may not live near your team’s home city?

Have you recently re-located to a new town?

Do you travel frequently and…

Easy Spending, Expense tracker (iPhone/iPad)
The Easy Spending expense tracker, is the most powerful and convenient daily money management, and budget planning App, for iPhone and iPad, that neatly tracks all…
Easy Balance (iPhone/iPad)
Do you know how much do you have in your pocket? Be aware with EasyBalance! It’s a direct to point finances utility, so pragmatic and fast that should come by default…
U4Ea (iPhone/iPad)
The benefits of mindfulness span history around globe. From its ancient roots in the use of musical tones to achieve calmness and connection for mind, body and spirit…
TurnLive – Live Wallpaper App (iPhone/iPad)
Important: ONLY works for iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus! Stunning mobile wallpapers….
Art filters + (iPhone/iPad)
Great extension of photo editing capabilities on the mobile!
3D LUT filters allow you to achieve incredible results that cannot be achieved with standard color correction…
Social Square (iPhone/iPad)
Isolate your social media cookies from everything else with Social Square, a social media focused browser.

Browse the top social sites and easily use networks to…

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