FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List Dec 18

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

Shapeuku – Shape Puzzle Game (iPhone/iPad)
Shapeuku is a brand new type of puzzler, set in a relaxing monochromatic environment. It’s like Picross mixed with Sudoku.

DISCOVER Shapeuku through clever…

Endarked (iPhone/iPad)
Endarked is an innovative and extremely fun action game that brings brand new motion controls to the iPhone and the iPad.

Set in a space-like environment, Endarked…

One Day : The Sun Disappeared (iPhone/iPad)
– Classic 2D Action Platform RPG
– There is no In-App Purchase
– Develope By One Man

• There are no additional In-App Purchases needed in the game. Buy it once…

Ever wanted to punch a bear IN THE MOUTH?

FIST OF AWESOME asks the eternal question “what would happen if bears took over the world?” and answers it with the epic…

Smash Puck (iPhone/iPad)
Smash Puck is the game you get when you combine Pool, Pinball, Curling and add magnets, portals, moving platforms, force fields and more!


• 120 handcrafted…

Zoo Sounds – Safe Toddler Fun (iPhone/iPad)
Finally! A fun and safe app to occupy your little one so you can take a break 🙂 No ads, confusing menus or aggressive scary sounds – just a bunch of friendly…
Orsus (iPhone/iPad)
Orsus is a fast paced and challenging arcade game, which will take you into the realm of high speeds, elementary particles and yet to be discovered fundamental interactions.
World Of Navy Ships (iPhone/iPad)
Go back in time to the 20th century, and be prepared to take on your enemies on the high seas, by commanding your naval vessel and destroying your opponent’s ships.


Jumpy Kangaroo (iPhone/iPad)
Jump the Kangaroo and avoid touching the trees. Run as long as possible to change the game’s colors. Challenge friends and check leaderboards.

Endless run: Play…

100 Balls (iPhone/iPad)
Over 19,000,000 downloads worldwide!

‘100 Balls’ is a simple but addicting app. Test your reaction in a single tap game with a realistic physics engine.

Tap on…

World Tides 2018 (iPhone/iPad)
WorldTides provides 7 day tide predictions everywhere in the world! Data sources include the UKHO, NOAA, and *NEW* Satellite Predictions.

Now supports iPhoneX…

Stockflare (iPhone/iPad)
Stockflare helps anyone pick stocks, easily.

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. We cut through hundreds of metrics for over 45,000 stocks globally.


Earfy live subtitles/captions (iPhone/iPad)
Persons with hearing loss communicate independently with the Earfy app for iOS! The app converts speech to text in real time, so you can immediately read what’s…
17 Day Diet Complete (iPhone/iPad)
The essential #1 app for The 17 Day Diet. Helping thousands with weight loss resolutions just got better with hundreds of delicious 17 Day Diet compatible recipes… – circuit bending (iPhone/iPad) is a full FM model of a circuit-bent synthesizer. allows the user to tweak classic circuit bending modifications like fine and octave-decimated clock…
GrainProc: live granular synthesis (iPhone/iPad)
GrainProc is a real-time granular synthesizer with which you can create new sounds and musical textures by affecting your voice, your instrument, or any input from…
zepeto· (iPhone/iPad)
Every dog owner has struggled to snap a cute picture of their dog. Now, you don’t have to. Wagcam plays a sound that engages your dog and encourages them to look…
Abstract Me (iPhone/iPad)
【Abstract Me】 allows you to Mix your photo with the amazing background image,and converts into a abstract style new photo !

Moreover,you can convert Your color…

Photo Editor ~ (iPhone/iPad)
#1 All-In-1 Pic Collage Maker & Photo Editor for your best moments & memories! Make perfect pic collages with 5000+ layouts, effects, stickers & tools.

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