FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List Dec 21

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

Incredibox (iPhone/iPad)
Incredibox is a musical game that helps you create a mix very easily by managing a band of beatboxers. Just drag and drop icons on the different characters and start…
Small Box – Movie & TV show preview trailer (iPhone/iPad)
Features :

– Search for movies by popularity and user rating
– Enjoy top view movie and hit playlist of top channels
– View movie posters and photos
– Read…
My Parking – Find Car Park (iPhone/iPad)
With My Parking you’ll always know where your car is located and which path do to achieve it.

• Very simple user interface, remember the parking lot with a single…

SPEEDOMETER™ (iPhone/iPad)
SPEEDOMETER – Displays your current speed, average and top speed, traveled distance in KM and Miles, trip time and map and compass for a better orientation. Also…
Brain Wave Headache Relief – Advanced Binaural Brainwave Entrainment (iPhone/iPad)
Free for a Day! * Advanced Brainwave Entrainment is used to synchronize your brainwaves to deeply relaxing low-frequency alpha, theta and delta waves to help provide…
ControlMyWeight by CalorieKing (iPhone/iPad)
Take control of your weight today!

ControlMyWeight won’t tell you what to eat. It helps you become aware of your eating habits so you can make the smarter choices…

Hello Spring – Preschool learning games for kids (iPhone/iPad)
“One of the best educational apps for preschoolers. Thanks for a smart app!” –

You’ll love seeing your kids enjoy a magical spring adventure.


Gamebook Adventures 2: The Siege of the Necromancer (iPhone/iPad)
Second in the series of critically acclaimed interactive fantasy gamebooks in which you, the reader, control the direction of the story! You do not need to have…
Audio Notebook Pocket: Sound Recorder and Notes (iPhone/iPad)
All-Day Audio Recorder, 2x Playback, and Note-Keeping System.

Audio Notebook is perfect for:
– Students: To record all your lectures, and take notes on all your…

IQ Mission (iPhone/iPad)

*** TOP 1 *** in more than 50 countries in the Board and…

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers (iPhone/iPad)
DON’T WORK: iPhone 4,4s; iPad 1,2,3; iPad mini; iPod 3,4,5
Happy New Year: to play good games and not a fake.
Supported devices:
– iPhone 5 and higher
– iPad 4 and…
Marvel Pinball (iPhone/iPad)
Marvel Pinball combines the greatest Super Heroes of all time with the definitive videogame pinball experience of all time. Use your pinball wizardry to help the…
Cribbage Premium – Online Card Game with Friends (iPhone/iPad)
Catch the crib! Play the App Store’s top rated cribbage online with your friends or anyone in the world! With fluid action, this game is intuitive and easy to…
Scrivalry (iPhone/iPad)
Play your favorite word game with thousands of other people at the same time.
With over 9 square miles of persistent game board, you never run out of room to play…
#Truthbomb by Danielle LaPorte (iPhone/iPad)
Daily straight up wisdom from Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions. Edgy, cosmic, and poetic #Truthbombs will make you pause…
Is Metra Late – Chicago Train Delays (iPhone/iPad)
Check Metra delays in 2 seconds! Is Metra Late tracks the train delays that matter to you. With route auto-detection, instantly see stats on your upcoming trains….
VR Basketball Shoot (iPhone/iPad)
VR Basketball Shoot 3D – Feel virtual reality of indoor basketball court. This game is especially designed and developed for fans of 2016 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament…
WeDJ for iPhone (iPhone/iPad)
[Last-Minute Holiday Sale until December 26, 2016]
Get WeDJ for iPhone for free (regular price: €0.99/$0.99)! WeDJ for iPad and RMX-1000 for iPad are also on sale….
Vectrex (iPhone/iPad)
*** Vectrex Regeneration is FREE for the Holidays – Enjoy!! ***


* Touch Arcade : 4 stars; “exquisitely detailed… an impressive…

Country Mouse and City Mouse (iPad)
Country Mouse and City Mouse may live in very different worlds, but through the pages in this book, they still become friends. And with this interactive ebook, your…
Bogga Magic – play a magician, for kids (iPad)
* Winner of Digital Ehon Award (Tokyo 2015)
* FWA Mobile Of The Day (MOTD) Award –
* Editor’s Choice Badge –

“Bright, clean…

Flamin Stack (iPad)
Flamin Stack brings you a classic arcade game on your iPhone or iPad: stack blocks to the top and try filling your coin bucket! Compare your performances with others…
Little Fox Music Box – Sing along fun for kids (iPad)
A sing-along songbook with more than 100 interactive elements in 3 songs and the little fox music studio where you can record your own songs! Brought to you by the…
Mens Hair Salon Mustache and Beard Shave (iPad)

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