FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List Feb 1

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

Feed the Rats – Real physics! (iPhone/iPad)
THE OBJECTIVE IS SIMPLE – Destroy the crates to guide the cheese into Raymond’s hands! Make use of cannons, conveyors and makeshift catapults! Progress to unlock…
Merge (iPhone/iPad)
Now it is your job to clear all the mess around as the assistant . Watch out for the bad guys leaked in the viruses and be quick because professor gives you limited…
Cut the Buttons (iPhone/iPad)
– Over 8.000.000 downloads
– TOP-1 in 48 countries
– TOP-5 in 82 countries

A snip here, a cut there: avoid the bolts and please beware! Now make a trim, its…

Drop Flop! (iPhone/iPad)
Test your finger reflex skills in this screen tapping, ball dropping good time!

Game play is easy to learn, hard to put down
– Tap the screen to drop a ball

Squareface (iPhone/iPad)
5 years in the making & zombies are now fun! An original cool universe! Square face. Round universe.™

“Squareface is a gorgeous and inventive third-person action…

Tank Battle – Mini War (iPhone/iPad)
It is a very classical tank battle game like NES Battle City. Almost everyone should played this type of game before.

We modified this classical game, and bring…

Blox 3D Junior (iPhone/iPad)
Blox 3D Junior lets kids build and print 3D models in a simple and intuitive manner.
Create beautiful objects using tap to create and double tap to delete.
Super Lines (iPhone/iPad)
Classic arcade game!

Super Lines (~ Snake~ )

How long you can have?

Contain 4 different game mode, and the most attractive 2 play mode, you can play with friend…

Merge HD (iPhone/iPad)
Now it is your job to clear all the mess around as the assistant . Watch out for the bad guys leaked in the viruses and be quick because professor gives you limited…
IQ Test – With Solutions (iPhone/iPad)
IQ Test – With Solutions
Available for iPad and iPhone.

2 different tests! And… IQ average 😉
+39 Questions to get your IQ! Mensa IQ test.
+33 Questions to get…

oPHOTO : Social Edition (iPhone/iPad)
oPHOTO : Give your social networking photos a voice!

◉ ADD your personalized VIDEO description, narration, or comment DIRECTLY INSIDE this AMAZING new type…

Pulse Breathing (iPhone/iPad)
Pulse is an innovative relaxation app featuring scientifically proved breathing techniques and a futuristic breath visualization that help you reduce stress, fall…
100 Things: Planes & Airports (iPhone/iPad)
100 Things: Planes – for babies, small kids & toddlers – delivers 100s of whopping HD photos & videos of all sorts of planes: propeller aircraft, jets, gliders…
Blue and White Selfie Fan Cam (iPhone/iPad)
Turn your camera into a creative photo taker with the Blue and White Selfie Fan Cam! This App turns your device into an extraordinary photo taker by blending Blue…

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