FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List Feb 21

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

Super Tank Battle – myCityArmy (iPhone/iPad)
NES Battle City is very Classical Tank battle game. Super Tank Battle is a modern style NES / FC Battle City with new attractive elements.

This is the game of modern…

Drop Flop! (iPhone/iPad)
Test your finger reflex skills in this screen tapping, ball dropping good time!

Game play is easy to learn, hard to put down
● Tap the screen to drop a ball

Future Ludo (iPhone/iPad)
Before us, you play Ludo (Airplane chess, Flying chess) is on the paper, in the sky or on the earth. Now we bring you to space, bring the war to universe.


Hatch – GameClub (iPhone/iPad)
Welcome to the world of Fugu pet care! You’ll be given care of your very own Fugu egg, and you won’t have to wait long before you’ll be welcoming your own little…
Break Brick Out – Fun to break (iPhone/iPad)
“Break Brick Out” is one of the best Brick breaking game. You need to control the reflect bar to hit the ball and destroy all the color bricks.


– polygon…

Flight Ops (iPhone/iPad)
Here are the main functions:
• Distance, flight time and estimated fuel used computation
It will be based on the following parameters:
– Mach number or TAS
– Wind…
Purrpad (iPhone/iPad)
Purrpad a simple, beautiful and fast notepad app that lets your companion cat to type with you!

– Kitty typing animations with kitty sounds!
– Minimal…

Teach Your Monster to Read (iPhone/iPad)
Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning phonics and reading game that’s helped millions of children learn to read.

• Parents have seen significant improvements…

Fade Away – Photo Layers (iPhone/iPad)
Ever wish for a photo app that could finally do something different?
Download Fade Away – It’s a beautiful, user-friendly and fun app which delivers awesome multilayered…
NewfyMoji (iPhone/iPad)
Do you have a Newfy? Yes, a Newfoundland, Newfie, Newf or whatever other cute nickname you have for these beautiful dogs.

We have created a brand new app with…

Swifter Player-HD Video Player (iPhone/iPad)
Directly play a variety of local media files, intelligent switching decoder, easily play HD video.
No advertising, Concise interface to bring you the most refreshing…
Life Hacks – Tips & Tricks (iPhone/iPad)
We live in the age of life-hacking. The concept, which denotes a kind of upbeat, engineer-like approach to maximizing one’s personal productivity, first entered…
Phocus: Portrait mode editor (iPhone/iPad)
Phocus is a perfect photo editing app for creating depth effect and portrait lighting effects on any device.




Text Only For Instagram (iPhone/iPad)
No ads.
No watermark.
No in-app purchases.
Text Only is the awesomely simple yet pretty powerful editor to fulfill your text-only post creating needs.
Spher – All Social Media Apps In One App Free (iPhone/iPad)
Have you ever wished that all the social media apps were all in one single app there’s your answer, Spher has all the major social apps in it including:

– Instagram

Breeze: Realistic Wind Chimes (iPhone/iPad)
Quite simply, breeze is the most realistic and highly rated wind chime app on the App Store!

Some of the comments we have had to date:

“… the whole world…

Cross Section Engineering Data (iPhone/iPad)
Quickly find engineering reference information for any cross section!


• United States
• Europe
• Japan
• India
• Russia
• Great Britain

WatchApp – for Whatsapp (iPhone/iPad)
Finally a way to Chat on your Apple Watch. Just scan the QR code on the WatchApp on your Watch and you are ready to use.
WatchApp is the ultimate companion app for…
Passport Booth (iPhone/iPad)
** All-in-one tool that let you create a perfect Passport / ID photo **

** From powerful auto background removal to visual photo requirement guides **

** With…

Translate for Safari (iPhone/iPad)
Translate for Safari – Translate & Speak Web
(TranslateSafari – Translate & Speak Extension for Safari)

The app is a Safari extension that translates and speaks…

NOAA Hi-Def Radar Pro (iPhone/iPad)
A simple yet powerful weather app that combines science with simplicity for viewing real-time animated weather radar images in vivid color on a highly responsive…
Further: Get Things Done (iPhone/iPad)
Want to become more organized? Things slip your mind sometimes? Further gives you the tools for you to stay on top of everything.

With Further, you don’t see…

4th Grade Vocabulary Prep (iPhone/iPad)
The most advanced vocabulary learning tool in the App Store!

4th Grade Vocabulary Prep was designed to improve vocabulary skills in the classroom and at home:

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iPhone and iPad apps gone free Feb 21 20

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