FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List Feb 8

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

btw – puzzle maze (iPhone/iPad)
Engaing, innovative, minimal puzzle game with dozens of levels.

The aim is simple: you need to move through the field and pickup all the circles. The problem is…

Cardinal Land (iPhone/iPad)
Relaxing jigsaw puzzle game with an educational twist.

Very simple intuitive gameplay. Your task is to combine colorful animal image from pieces of different shapes….

Break Brick Out (iPhone/iPad)
“Break Brick Out” is one of the best Brick breaking game. You need to control the reflect bar to hit the ball and destroy all the color bricks.


– polygon…

Tank Super Wars (iPhone/iPad)
One of the most Classical Tank Battle NES / FC Game since 1990

Game Rules:

– Defense your base
– Destroy all enemy tanks
– Game over, if your tank or your base…

Unblock Container Block Puzzle (iPhone/iPad)
Do brainstorming to free blocked red block in the container.

The square box is stacked with many wooden building blocks of various sizes. Your task is to slide…

8bitWar: Origins (iPhone/iPad)
8bitWar puts your strategical and tactical thinking to the test!
Hire units and place them in strategic formations to counter the enemy army.

A total of 60 levels.

Block vs Block (iPhone/iPad)
We modify the world most attractive puzzle game on PC / NES / FC / PS. How to play it is no need to explain. iOS “Block vs Block” allow you play against computer…
Backup Contacts Pro. (iPhone/iPad)
2 APP IN  1!!!!!!!!!!   ONLY FOR TODAY -75 %



Supplement Snoop (iPhone/iPad)
Supplement Snoop is the fastest, simplest, and only way to get all the unbiased information you care about for any product with a click of a button, all in in one…
Roast Sounds – Soundboard (iPhone/iPad)
This app includes everything you need to roast.
(no ads)
Dr. Panda Airport (iPhone/iPad)
Have the travel bug?! Then it’s time to soar in Dr. Panda Airport! Take flight in 10 airport-themed activities that will have you helping in every part of the…
Aftermath Data (iPhone/iPad)
During a disaster like a hurricane, wildfire, tsunami, earthquake or train crash, getting data to government officials, family and people in the area who can lend…

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