FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List Mar 25

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

Apocalypse Inc. (iPhone/iPad)
The time of the apocalypse has come. 
Decide the fate of the planet. 
Your goal is to destroy all of humanity!

● Collect sins on the planet
● Uncover disasters…

Escape from Twisted Manor! (iPhone/iPad)
Mort, the greatest villain of them all, has trapped your family in this house of horrors. You will need to be careful inside this sinister place, especially if you…
Johnny Bonasera 1 (iPhone/iPad)

This is the story of Johnny Bonasera, a kid that was beaten and humiliated by a punk gang.

Fueled by an insatiable desire for revenge…

Heads Up! (iPhone/iPad)
It’s the game The New York Times called a “Sensation,” and Cosmopolitan said “will be the best dollar you’ve spent.” Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious game from…
Gym Guide – Workout Tutorial (iPhone/iPad)
Achieve your best training!
● Step-by-step fitness tutorial
● More than 100 gym exercises
● Full HD videos
● Professional workouts
● Complete tips for…
Anti Noisy Neighbors (iPhone/iPad)
Do you have to listen to your neighbor`s annoying music all the time !?
Is their loud music sound making you mad?!
Do you feel disrespected?
Here is the solution!


GifJif – Custom Gif Creator (iPhone/iPad)
Our biggest update ever. GifJif now has over 15,000 GIFs, including all of your favorite clips, memes and videos. Add your face to any GIF in our library, and…
BendyBooth Full (iPhone/iPad)
Bend your face and your voice to create hilarious videos and photos!

BendyBooth lets you use crazy face effects and silly voice effects to create funny videos and…

AirSnap (iPhone/iPad)
Do more with what you see‎.

– AirSnap Poly (AR) is a new brand augmented reality experience from the world around you, that engages you to immerse yourself…

Pic Lab Split Lens (iPhone/iPad)
USA, UK, Russian, German, China, France, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Sweden, Argentina, Japan, Thailand, Norway, Netherlands, Turkey, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico…
SDS-x — Simple Drum Sampler (iPhone/iPad)
SDS-x is the easiest way to play drum samples live!

SDS-x is a “nine pads” style drum module that lets you easily use samples alongside your drum kit. There is…

SoundBow (iPhone/iPad)
SoundBow is a drawing based music instrument with a clean and simple visual interface. You can create music by drawing curves over the screen with lines and gestural…
Hopster Coding Safari for Kids (iPhone/iPad)
Introducing kids to coding early is seen as vitally important by parents, educators, and tech leaders. Give your child a head start in learning how to code with…
Five Little Monkeys for iPad (iPhone/iPad)
Shake your iPad to see how many monkeys fall off the bed!


Created by Listening and Spoken Language Specialists in conjunction with Early…

First Words Int. Home HD (iPhone/iPad)
Check out this fantastic app developed by a speech-language pathologist! Teaches 50 basic object names in photos and colored drawings, in 7 languages: English, Spanish…
Owl Pellet Activities HD (iPhone/iPad)
Owl Pellet Activities enhances the observation and dissection of owl pellets, which can be purchased from Carolina Biological Supply ( on…
Meditation Rx – Relief for Patients & Families (iPhone/iPad)
Find relief from the stress of serious illness with the Meditation Rx app. Whether you are ill or are supporting a loved one through an illness, you will find guided…
SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring (iPhone/iPad)
Reduce your snoring with SnoreGym, the workout app for quiet sleep from the creators of SnoreLab.

With this exercise app for snorers, get your snoring under control…

Buddy & Me: Dream Edition (iPhone/iPad)
Explore a world of dreams with Buddy, in this award-winning endless adventure about friendship!

“The only way this game could get more adorable is if it actually…

Arcane Tower (iPhone/iPad)
Evil reigns throughout the kingdom, darkness obscures the landscape. A brave wizard is determined to put an end to all of this. But there’s only one way. The Arcane…
Wildfulness: Meditate & Relax (iPhone/iPad)
**App of the Day** – Apple
**These lovely illustrations and soothing sounds will help you unwind** – AppAdvice

Unwind, destress and calm your mind with rich, beautifully…

Power Grounds (iPhone/iPad)
“an easy recommendation for anyone who wants a challenge” –

“good luck putting that down once you unlock [the Arena mode]” –

– – – – – -…

Amber Halls (iPhone/iPad)
Amber Halls is a palace filled with ancient artifacts and treasures. Dangerous monsters wander through the halls, but with the help of powerful items you’ll be able…
Dr. PetPlay (iPhone/iPad)
Pretend you’re the doctor and give your own toy animals a checkup!
If you love pretend play, you will love this app!

Featured by Apple – Best New Apps in Education!

5th Grade Reading (iPhone/iPad)
It’s never too early to improve your reading skills!

5th Grade Reading Comprehension Prep is designed for the classroom, as well as the student and family looking…

Breathing Zone (iPhone/iPad)
Discover Mindfulness, one breath at a time.

● Integrates with Apple’s Health app to record your completed breathing sessions Mindful Minutes.

● Time: “Calm…

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