FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List May 9

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

Odium to the Core (iPhone/iPad)
Odium To the Core is a single-button, music-based challenging side-scrolling game with a beautiful but dark monochromatic art style. Guide Odium through dangerous…
The Girl Who Sold the World (iPhone/iPad)
Alone and without memory, left behind in a nightmare of a world, a young woman turns from the hunted to a ruthless hunter, when she discovers a far more precious…
Safety for Kid – Robber (iPhone/iPad)
Carot stay at home and suddenly he found a Robber, what should he do?

In this lesson Kids will learn how to do in situation that Robber come.

You never know when…

The Pink Book of Silly Songs Full Version (iPhone/iPad)
The hypercontrolled world of Ernest A.W. Binkman, the librarian, is shaken and upended when a new book arrives at his library – the playful, mischievous Pink Book…
Union – Combine & Edit Photos (iPhone/iPad)
Union is an elegant image editing tool that lets you create awesome superimposed, silhouetted, and double-exposed photos.

Use your own pics, or choose from the…

Rate My Day! (iPhone/iPad)
Rate My Day helps you observe your health. Life gets busy, and time flies by- We all need a reminder to take a moment and prioritize our health. The Rate My Day…
Album Flow Pro (iPhone/iPad)
Album Flow Pro is the best solution for replacing the Cover Flow view from your device. It is compatible with all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod), so you don’t…

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