FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List Nov 30

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

War of Eclipse (iPhone/iPad)
People say
– Another great game from Game Stew – by DarkDjango
– An excellent follow-up to the quirky Tower of Fortune – by Retr0spective
– Fantastically retro -…
Sizzle & Stew (iPhone/iPad)
Join friends Sizzle & Stew in the kitchen and see what mess you can create!

Ever fancied putting a donut through the washing machine? No prob Llama! Wished you…

Modern Magic 8 Ball (iPhone/iPad)
Modern Magic 8 Ball is a modern take of the original Magic 8 Ball. It was built to run fast, be fun, bring people together, and be easy to use.



Slide Tetromino Premium (iPhone/iPad)
Thaw out the level’s key by navigating it through a maze. You can move puzzle pieces around the level, but choose wisely, there’s not a lot of room! Slide Tetromino…
Hero’s 2nd Memory (iPhone/iPad)
Shooting RPG! Hero’s 2nd Memory (Hero2M)

One day when humans and monsters were living together,
Man and monster started the war in the invasion of the devil who…

Crystal Siege (iPhone/iPad)
A stunning Tower Defense and RPG hybrid with incredible attention to detail.

Control your avatar and engage head-on with gruesome monsters while…

Small Square (iPhone/iPad)
A very simple and minimalist game where you are a small square that moves along a straight line and crosses many other shapes along its way.

You have to survive…

Waking Mars – GameClub (iPhone/iPad)
“One of the most satisfying gaming experiences I’ve had on this platform.” “Outstanding and revolutionary.”
– TouchArcade, 5/5

25 Best iPad games –…

Trigono – dangerous triangles (iPhone/iPad)
You are the little Trigono who wants to survive in hazardous triangle world. Avoid the red, or you explode. The good thing is you have an unlimited number of lives…
mySolar – Build your Planets (iPhone/iPad)
Play as a God, build your own solar.

Roaming the universe to collect GP (God point) and MP (Mass point) to grow your solar.

Defeat all emery solars, absorb their…

Trader’s Way (iPhone/iPad)
Trader’s Way is a mind-challenging game in which you are introduced to the ups and downs of the stock market. It will allow you to master your trading skills and…
Modern Ludo (iPhone/iPad)
Unlike traditional Ludo (Aeroplane / Flying Chess), Modern Ludo modifies the game rule to make its suitable of mobile device and more excited. And also it provides…
Merc – commodity trading game (iPhone/iPad)
Merc is a commodity trading game. As a player you will need to succeed
 in outsmarting your competitors by building your own strategies and trying to get rich
HappyTruck (iPhone/iPad)
HappyTruck – Deliver fruits to the marketplace with your truck.
You will need to get from one place to another without dropping too much from your truck. You will…
Super Lines (iPhone/iPad)
Classic arcade game!

Super Lines (~ Snake~ )

How long you can have?

Contain 4 different game mode, and the most attractive 2 play mode, you can play with friend…

Infinite Passengers (iPhone/iPad)
Infinite Passengers adds the elements of airline fleet, passenger satisfaction and pilot skills to Infinite Flight.

Here are just a few of the current features:

Full HD Pink Wallpapers (iPhone/iPad)
Tired of searching for Pink wallpapers? Then stop right there! This is a cute edition. Get all your cute backgrounds with over Thousands of wallpapers to choose…
Anime apps: TV Shows & Movies (iPhone/iPad)
Discover and find your favorite anime and manga.


– Find all the latest and greatest anime movies and show.
– Curated list of top anime and manga
– Search…

Happy Boost, Depression Help (iPhone/iPad)
Benefits include:
– Positive thinking
– Empowering confidence
– Get rid of old limiting beliefs
– Motivation to succeed
– Increased happiness
– Natural energy boost


Metropolitan HD (iPhone/iPad)
“Thanks to the excellent slideshow and classical music you are losing yourself in this wonderful digital art gallery.” – The iPhone App Review
“You will see…
God Calling (iPhone/iPad)
The God Calling App features:
Full text of 366 interactive devotionals, unabridged, in today’s language, and containing scripture addresses for all Bible references


Photo Frame Calendar & Clock (iPhone/iPad)
Turn your device into a beautiful digital photo frame with minimalistic style.

Use Quick Actions menu from the Home screen
to quickly open the app’s settings.


PhotoX Pro Top Live Wallpapers (iPhone/iPad)
PhotoX Pro – Top Live Photos & Wallpapers offers only the Best Wallpapers with over 500,000+ beautiful and cool wallpapers, live photos at your fingertips. These…
Find Bluetooth: device tracker (iPhone/iPad)
App Launching Sale. Was $4.99, now 100% Off, Only Today.

BLEFinder is the coolest app for you to find your lost bluetooth devices, like fitness band&tracker, digital…

Translate Browser Pro 2019 (iPhone/iPad)
Translate Browser Pro, PDF and other document directly inside Browser. With a simple tap.

Translation service is provided by Google Translate.

List of 104 supported…

Mini Calculator Keyboard – Pluskey (iPhone/iPad)
Use Mini Calculator Keyboard to SAVE TIME !
*** No more swapping between apps to calculate! ***
for everyday math, super easy and fast.
Custom keyboard with a big…
GuH Remote Viewing (iPhone/iPad)
This App is programmed to receive wireless data via UDP Protocol from the Quality Control / Data Acquisition “DAVIS” from Gamperl & Hatlapa.

It shows the most…

Random (Number Generator) (iPhone/iPad)
Random is a simple random number generator. Just set the minimum and maximum numbers and press the “Generate” button.
PDF Max Pro – #1 PDF app! (iPhone/iPad)
PDF Max is a desktop class PDF app for reading, annotating or signing PDF documents on your iPhone/iPad. Mark up documents with highlights and handwriting, insert…
Whirlpost (iPhone/iPad)
Whirlpost, a classy and simple diary to capture your daily thoughts on your iPhone or iPad.

From scribbling ideas and keeping lists, poetry, and daily journaling…

Almost Done – To Do List (iPhone/iPad)
You can use this simple to-do list app to organize your Reading List, Watching List, Shopping List, Travel List and any other plans for future.

Add categories…

Shazam Encore (iPhone/iPad)
Shazam Encore – the best of Shazam without the ads!

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by more than 100 million people each month to identify…

Scythe Synthesizer (iPhone/iPad)
Scythe iOS app is designed for iPad. It has a powerful synthesis engine and makes it easy to create and discover sound designed.

The wavetable creator enables the…

Awesome Breathing: Pacer Timer (iPhone/iPad)
Awesome Breathing is a simple, elegant tool to guide and visualize your breathing. Use it every day to help with meditation, sleep, stress, anxiety, or to simply…
Nampa Farm (iPhone/iPad)
Nampa Farm is not just any old farm, in true Nampa style it’s filled with creative play and plenty of humour! With no text or talk, kids everywhere and at any…
KistAnime – Anime & Manga (iPhone/iPad)
CityMaps2Go Pro Offline Maps (iPhone/iPad)
CityMaps2Go is the ultimate offline map for travelers who want to be prepared wherever they go.

Join the millions of travelers worldwide who trust CityMaps2Go!


Tourist Translate World (iPhone/iPad)
Tourist Translate is the application voice and text translator, that help you to communication effectively with any language in the world.
With Tourist Translate…
English Spanish Dictionary G. (iPhone/iPad)
WORKS OFFLINE With over 718,000 entries, 524,000 translations, 558,000 synonyms, 98,000 definitions and 40,000 examples, voice feature and a huge collection of idiomatic…
English Thesaurus (iPhone/iPad)
WORKS OFFLINE – Expand your English vocabulary or find just the right word for the assignment, our comprehensive word selection, and simple search options will have…
Fishing Expert-Freshwater Fish (iPhone/iPad)
Fishing Expert App (freshwater fish) contains an intelligent data base giving 250+ fishing tips for bass (smallmouth and largemouth), trout (brook, brown, and rainbow…
Visual Anatomy (iPhone/iPad)
Interactive reference with 3D rotational models, free 1247 Gray’s anatomy images add-on, a muscle highlighting tool, muscle action movies, full description and audio…
UVmeter – Check UV Index (iPhone/iPad)
Check UV Index!
Everyday. sun rays (UVA/UVB) generate free radicals in the skin. One of the main factors behind the formation of dark spots, which make the complexion…
Idyoma:Local Language Exchange (iPhone/iPad)
Learn languages through conversation. Have fun making new friends from different cultures and backgrounds. Meet often to improve fluency.

Whatever language you…

Learn English Listening Master (iPhone/iPad)
English Listening Master will help you understand English better, improve your English language skills and help you learn real English spoken in everyday situations….
Hack RUN (iPhone/iPad)
Play Hack RUN! Hack your way into the heart of a mysterious organization to uncover their secrets. Hack RUN® is a game which uses ‘old school’ command prompts (like…

These are all freebies that you are going to enjoy using, so be sure to try them out. And let us know if you use them because we'd love to hear what you say.

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