FreebieFresh’s Apps Gone Free List Oct 8

iPhone and iPad apps gone free today:

The Number Guessing Challenge (iPhone/iPad)
VERSUS captures the fun of picking a number and brings it to the palm of your hand.

Challenge your friends to see who can guess the other’s number first.


Shark Puzzles for Kids Jigsaw Wonder Collection (iPhone/iPad)
The silent and deadly hunters of the deep, sharks have a wondrous beauty. Enjoy this collection of puzzle built with professionally taken photos of sharks in seas…
Small Square (iPhone/iPad)
A very simple and minimalist game where you are a small square that moves along a straight line and crosses many other shapes along its way.

You have to survive…

Monkey Jumping – Keep Climbing (iPhone/iPad)
Nothing is more wonderful when you win yourself. Overcome by challenging yourself to Keep Climbing game.

Keep Climbing is an addictive game that will captivate…

Action Puzzle (iPhone/iPad)
Action Puzzle takes jigsaw puzzles to the next level. You play with a fully animated scene instead of a static photo. Think about cutting your TV into pieces while…
The River Test™ (iPhone/iPad)
Test yourself and test your friends!


The River Test game is created to assure you have the perfect environment to solve the task. It contains all the…

Cloud Compiler – programming (iPhone/iPad)
Cloud Compiler allows you to create programs with the built-in source code editor and compile them Online. Together with Cloud Compiler, you can learn to program…
YaoYao – Jump Rope (iPhone/iPad)
YaoYao is an Apple Watch standalone app for Jump Rope.

Jump rope is a very simple and economical aerobic workout. You can excise anytime, anywhere.


Lottery Box – Lotto Manager (iPhone/iPad)
>Take charge of managing your personal or crowd pool lottery combinations. Generate random numbers and save them to a pool. Move combinations from history to favorites…
PropFun Pro – magic camera (iPhone/iPad)
The most funny app in the world! Show the world your magic via amazing looking collages you have never seen in any other apps!
Looking cooler than any of your…
Wallpapers – Pink Edition (iPhone/iPad)
HD Wallpapers All Optimized for the latest iOS 10, iPhone7, iPhone6, iPhone6P, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C & iPod Touch 5 (640 x 1136),iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad…
Find Bluetooth: device tracker (iPhone/iPad)
App Launching Sale. Was $4.99, now 100% Off, Only Today.

BLEFinder is the coolest app for you to find your lost bluetooth devices, like fitness band&tracker, digital…

IQ Test – With Solutions (iPhone/iPad)
IQ Test – With Solutions
Available for iPad and iPhone.

2 different tests! And… IQ average 😉
+39 Questions to get your IQ! Mensa IQ test.
+33 Questions to get…

Spanish Translator · (iPhone/iPad)
The best app for easy and fast Spanish translation, which can also be used as dictionary.
If you are student, tourist or traveler, it helps you to learn the language!…
Magic Flowers – Visual Healing (iPhone/iPad)
Bring your iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV into full bloom with 18 beautiful timelapse flowers from the master of timelapse Louie Schwartzberg. Interact with the flowers…
Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds (iPhone/iPad)
Sounds was recorded in most beautiful places around world.

All sounds recorded with high quality stereo condenser microphones and preamps. (besides generated…

iPetCare: Care for Dogs & Cats (iPhone/iPad)
With iPetCare, quickly and easily gather and browse all the information about your pets, dogs, cats and mammals.

For each of your pets, you will be able to simply…

StudyWise Anatomy & Physiology (iPhone/iPad)
Are you currently taking a college-level course in Anatomy and Physiology? Are you looking for a study tool that fits your life and learning style? Scheduling a…
War of Eclipse (iPhone/iPad)
People say
– Another great game from Game Stew – by DarkDjango
– An excellent follow-up to the quirky Tower of Fortune – by Retr0spective
– Fantastically retro -…

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